Moonlight Avenue

by Gerri Hill

Finley Knight, ex-cop turned private investigator, lives a lonely, solitary life. She uses her downtime to reflect on the past and wonders what could have been.

Detective Dee Woodard transferred to Corpus Christi nine years ago to put distance between herself and her ex…an ex she was still in love with. A murder investigation leads her to Moonlight Avenue and Finley Knight.

Rylee Moore left the windy plains of Amarillo in her rearview mirror, hoping to start over in this city by the bay, only to find employment hard to come by. Finley Knight wasn’t hiring either, but Rylee’s begging and pleading—and not taking “no” for an answer—finally lands her a job. Not as an apprentice, as she wanted, but as the lone employee at Moonlight Avenue Investigations—receptionist.

When another murder hits close to home, Finn ignores the police directive to stay out of it and goes on a search for the killer…reluctantly taking Rylee along for the ride.

After a gruesome third murder, Dee is booted from the case. She joins Finn’s team…the chase bringing them closer and closer to a vicious drug dealer.

Amongst the chaos, crime, and cover-up…love pokes its head above the water. But can they stay alive long enough to explore it?



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Genre Mystery
Length 304 pages
Publication Date March 14, 2019
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642470277
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles



"If you’ve read a lot of my books, you know that I love the Texas Gulf Coast…especially the area around Corpus Christi (Rockport, Port Aransas, Mustang Island). However, most, if not all those books take place in the summer. I spent a dreary week in Port A in late December a year or two ago…socked in by fog—day and night—so thick you couldn’t see the waves hitting the beach even when they brushed your feet. When the story for Moonlight Avenue began to take shape, it wasn’t under clear, blue skies and an unforgiving sun. The weather, the fog, the soupy nights all play a part in this book…all because I spent a dreary week on the beach!"

—Gerri Hill


The Lesbian Review
Moonlight Avenue by Gerri Hill is a riveting, literary tapestry of mystery, suspense, thriller and romance. It is also a story about forgiveness, moving on with your life and opening your heart to love despite how daunting it may seem at first. Gerri Hill’s stories will always make me feel as though I’m in a book lover’s paradise because her beautiful descriptions of nature and the landscape in Corpus Christi made me feel as though I was seeing everything firsthand. In addition, she creates the most down-to-earth and adorable characters ever. This author really went above and beyond to give me an enthralling mystery that I gleefully devoured for hours on end and I am keeping my fingers crossed with the hope that Gerri Hill would write a sequel to this outstanding story.

Dru’s Book Musings
This is a departure from what I normally read, but I like the premise of three strong women living in their own world going about their own business. It’s when the twain shall meet that this drama kicks it up a notch when first Finn’s client is murdered and then while trying to solve this, her one and only friend is caught in the crosshairs and is killed. And it is these two murders and a third that occupied this intense mystery that had me wrapped up in all that was happening.

The author did a great job in providing a visually descriptive narrative with dialogue to match that set the tone throughout this fast-paced and action-filled drama. The suspense factor was evident in this engaging mystery that had me devouring every scene as each one led to the next in its intensity as the characters were fraught with determination in solving this puzzling case as well as their own personal stake. The portrayal of the characters was well-defined and I liked how they played off of one another.

Lex Kent’s Reviews - This is a real murder mystery book. It is in the same vein as a Sue Grafton or JM Redmann type of mystery. There is a lot of surveillance and following the clues. Besides the mystery this is a slow-burn romance. It is very slow-burn but I loved every second of it. I’m not sure what it was but I thought the chemistry was great. It kept building and building and eventually they started to put out sparks together. If you are a mystery fan don’t hesitate to grab this. This was a treat to read and I hope we will be seeing a book 2 soon.

Bethany’s Reviews - Moonlight Avenue is another perfect example of why Hill is a master at her craft! This book appears to be the start of a series, at least, I'm really hoping it is because I'd love to see more from this team in the future! The crime takes the main stage in this book, but the romance isn't exactly a back burner. I like to think of it as a pleasant side story. It's hard for authors to lace romance into true crime novels, but Hill handled it very well and set these two up with enough chemistry to make it interesting. Just read the book. It's another classic Gerri Hill crime novel, and you won't be sorry for picking it up!

Kitty Kat’s Book Review Blog
…is an excellent mystery novel, sheer class. Gerri Hill’s writing is flawless, her story compelling and much more than a notch above others writing in this genre. I really enjoyed the interpersonal relationships in this story. They were well observed and natural. The case they were working was full of twists and turns and had me desperate to find out more. I loved it and would be interested to find out what happens next for these characters if Ms Hill decides to make this a series. Highly recommended.

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  1. u097265

    Every Spring and every Fall when I reset my clocks I anticipate a new Gerri Hill book. This spring I was introduced to wanna be lawyer turned detective turned security guard turned private investigator, Finley Knight or Finn for short. The book was well paced, it kept me interested, the chemistry between the main characters sparked, and the sexual tension grew after the main characters admitted as interesting fact to each other. Give Ms. Hill’s latest offering a read, since like the time change, another book won’t be available for six months!

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