Painted Over

by Sofi Keren

Is the unexpected reunion of estranged friends just another still life capturing a moment in time? Or could it be the beginning brushstrokes of a romantic masterpiece?

Back in the day, Paige and Ria were the best of friends. As they grew, they grew closer, always there for each other, even as Paige concentrated on literature and art while Ria cut a swath through every soccer field—and most of the cheerleaders. But something shocking happened during their senior year of college that ended their friendship. Big time.

In the years that follow, Paige becomes a successful artist and Ria a star soccer player. A chance meeting with Ria after all this time has Paige wondering if it’s finally time to forgive and forget. As the two become cautiously reacquainted, the possibility of a true reconciliation is complicated by the arrival of glamorous gallery owner, Cara, who definitely wants Paige’s work…and maybe something more. Then there’s the return of Ria’s gorgeous ex, Elena, who has a mind-blowing surprise for Paige.






Genre Romance
Length 146 pages
Publication Date April 11, 2019
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642470666e
Editor Ann Roberts
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles


  • A Bella Debut Novel.


Pin’s Reviews - The plot was interesting with good pacing, and the book reads very easily. I liked the main characters, and there are some really good secondary characters. There is a nice second chance trope with some angst on the side. Angsty romances are not for everyone, but personally I like these stories where the protagonists have to work through the heartbreak and earn their happily ever after. All in all, a very good first book. I like the author's style of writing and am looking forward to more nice stories from her.

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