After the Summer Rain

by Gerri Hill

Workaholic Erin Ryder was on the fast track to self-destruction. Reeling after her lover walked out on her, she turned to booze and caffeine to make it through each day. After a family intervention, she finds herself on a remote ranch in New Mexico—on womyn’s land—to detox and heal. No cell service, no Internet—she’s convinced she won’t last three days, much less for the three-month sentence her father has mandated.

Running from the chaos that had become her life, Melanie West moved to Eagle Bluff Ranch seven years ago. By far the youngest there, she embraced the compassionate, peaceful life that the elders espoused. Living off what her garden produced, her chickens and goats became her friends and confidants. Exposure to the outside world was limited to the handful of guests who stayed a few days at the ranch each year.

This summer would be different. Melanie found herself hosting a young woman for three months. A young woman who wanted to be anywhere but there. As the days and weeks passed, their animosity turned to friendship as they helped the other heal from their past  failures.

Erin soon found herself loving life on Mel’s little farm. Loving life and loving Mel. Saying goodbye would be the hardest thing she had to do—saying goodbye to Mel…or saying goodbye to her previous life.





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Genre Romance
Length 310 pages
Publication Date September 12, 2019
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642470710e
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles


GCLS Goldie Awards
After the Summer Rain — Winner, Contemporary Romance: Mid-Length Novels.


"One of the most relaxing things for me is being in the vegetable garden. Over the years, no matter how busy or hectic life got, I always made time for a garden. It’s a familiar cycle…the tilling and making rows, the planting, the tending, pulling weeds (the worst part!) and harvesting (the best part!). I always meant to have at least one of my characters love gardening, but it never happened until After the Summer Rain. I added chickens to Mel’s little farm in honor of the six spoiled hens that I have. Mel also has a goat. I only wish I had one! I do have a donkey named Bandito though. He made the book too! Fred, the old white dog in the story, is a family relic. He died when I was a baby but he’s lived on in stories and pictures…now a book!"

—Gerri Hill


The Lesbian Review
…is a heart-warming, slow-burn romance that features two awesome women who are learning what it really means to live and love fully. They’re also learning to let go of their turbulent pasts so that it doesn’t ruin their future happiness. Gerri Hill has never failed to give me endearing characters who are struggling with heartbreaking issues and beautiful descriptions of the landscapes that surround them. So if you’re a huge fan of stories like those, then you’re in for a treat with this one because you’ll get all of the above.

Lesbian Reading Room
Gerri Hill is simply one of the best romance writers in the genre. This is an archetypal Hill, slightly unusual characters in a slightly unusual setting. The slow burn romance, however, is a classic, trying not to fall in love, but unable to fight the pull.

The characters are endearing and you simply cannot help engage with the older women who have lived on the land for years; when escape from homophobic patriarchal society seemed the best way to be free. Mel and Erin capture your heart from the first moment, however strung out Erin is from caffeine and the consequent crash.

The romance pulls you in, the lack of angst is a refreshing change, and the will she, won’t she climax worth the wait. It’s a slow sensual tug on your heart, reminding us that not everything that glitters is worth the loss of our souls and social/partner expectation can destroy us. I love many of Gerri Hill’s books for many reasons and this one is right up there for me as an exquisitely gentle balm to the heart.

R. Swier - Lately, it has taken me quite a few chapters to become invested in a story. But not this one. I enjoyed this story from the start due to its interesting plot, the tranquil setting and the deep communication level of the characters.

The open communication between Melanie and Erin was very well written and refreshing. Their dialogue was funny, empowering, emotional, and raw. Everything about this story was well done and is highly recommended.

C-Spot Reviews
After the Summer Rain is a wonderfully heartfelt romance that avoids all the angsty drama-filled tropes you often find in romances. This is all about the characters and Hill brings Erin and Melanie to life with a remarkable level of maturity and honesty. The pace is relaxed, fitting with the setting, and Hill takes her time in building both the characters and their relationship—despite there not being a lot of exterior plot drivers I never found the story dragging or boring. Mel and Erin were more than enough to keep my interest and Hill reveals more about each character’s past as the story progresses. I really enjoyed this one.

Michele R. - Gerri Hill is my favorite author and not to be too biased but After the Summer Rain was a superb read! I will admit that this book not only had me laughing but also left me in tears. Only a good author can drive multiple emotions.

Eva C. - A new and incredible story with which Ms. Gerri Hill delights us, very well written and with a description of both the characters and the scenes very detailed and moving, highly recommended and yes, I am already waiting for Hill's next great romance.

Lex Kent’s Reviews - This is a story about two women who are wounded from their past and are trying to heal. They do this by gardening, cooking all fresh foods, and communing with nature. The bond they grow together is strong but what happens when they have to say goodbye?

If you are in the mood for a lighter, feel-good romance, this is a great choice. Hill writes wonderfully like always. I enjoyed the characters and was completely immersed in the setting. I felt like I was on a farm in New Mexico and I didn’t want to leave.

Customer Reviews

1 review for After the Summer Rain – eBook

  1. u097265

    Gerri Hill is my favorite author, and not to be too biased, but After the Summer Rain was a superb read!

    The book begins with an appropriate amount of backstory for both of the main characters. Mel(anie), lives on womyn’s land in Eagle Bluff, New Mexico, with a group of lesbians who are predominately significantly older than her. This group of women routinely hosts travelers who are looking for a quiet getaway for a few days to a week. Erin is a workaholic recovering from a bad relationship that ended eighteen months earlier and she is slowly killing herself with booze, Red Bulls, and little sleep. Erin is exiled by her sister and her father to spend three months at Eagle Bluff Ranch.

    Once these two woman finally meet and get past the transition of the first week of living in the same household, their friendship begins to develop. They learn about each other’s lives, their past hurts, they share their secrets, and their vulnerabilities emerge. The chemistry that develops between Mel and Erin is simply amazing.

    Other things that I typically enjoy in a good Gerri Hill book were present here including character chemistry, numerous discussions about food (albeit vegetarian in this case), a focus on animals, and wonderful descriptions of our natural surroundings.

    I will admit that this book not only had me laughing but also left me in tears. Only a good author can drive multiple emotions.

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