The Taking: A Trilogy

by Celeste Castro

Peachy, a former street kid turned professional conwoman is on a mission: steal a family heirloom. All is going according to plan until she wakes up in a strange and new world.

Noomi, a gifted and powerful Fae never expects anything out of the ordinary. Every minute is planned and there’s no room for disorder. One day, a strange woman enters her world plunging it into chaos.

The Taking; is a tale of a powerful amulet, a gateway, from one world to another. It’s a coming of age, a hero’s journey, Peachy’s journey of learning who she is, where she’s from and what she is capable of. First, she has to learn the local language and next, she must decide: do everything in her power to get home, or follow her heart and stay.

Genre Fantasy, Romance
Publication Date September 15, 2019
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642470796

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