The Taking

by Celeste Castro

Peachy is on a mission: steal a priceless family heirloom. All is going according to plan until she finds herself teetering on the edge of death. She wakes up in a bizarre world and under the care of a strange woman who can communicate without spoken words. Little does Peachy know that by taking the amulet, she’s enacted a powerful chain of events and roused a deranged being who will stop at nothing to find her and retrieve the amulet.

Noomi is Fae—a Seer and Shifter—who shares a unique bond with her sister, a two-hundred-pound mountain cat. Their days revolve around creating art, making maps, and enjoying pipeweed. Until the day that Peachy enters their world and plunges it into chaos.

The Taking is a tale of a powerful amulet—a gateway from one world to another. With Noomi’s help, Peachy must combat the forces working against them…forces that will stop at nothing to kill them both.





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Genre Fantasy, Romance
Length 252 pages
Publication Date December 12, 2019
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642470796e
Editor Ann Roberts
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles



""Let’s dress as Venus and Serena," I say to my sister.

"I’m dressing as a slutty fairy."

"You’re always a slutty fairy."

My sister’s costume is simple: glittery wings, a sparkly headband. Her dog wears a similar costume. As the night progresses, after a couple bottles of wine, it never fails. She tells her fairytale about how she met her husband. "He’s a mean lumberjack. He cut down my fairy home tree. He took me captive, but I overpowered him, and that’s how we fell in love." She lovingly slaps him on the wrist. He blushes and shakes his head. We laugh because we’ve heard the story before and it’s more embellished every time.

The idea of being taken from one world to another set the stage of my fantasy, The Taking."

—Celeste Castro


Lex Kent’s Reviews - I would recommend this to fantasy-romance fans or people who want to try something different.

Dragonquillca - This was my first exposure to this author, and I was quite pleased by the book. The premise was solid, the writing was satisfying and the characters VERY memorable!

Kris W. - This is a sci-fi fantasy mix and I love it. The characters, both good and evil, are phenomenally well done and captivated me start to finish. The plot and lore was very well developed and intriguing. The romance was exciting and sweet, and I thoroughly enjoyed that journey. This entrancing story was more often than not incredibly tragic but still bright and filled with hope and love, and I adore it for blending those conflicting emotions so well.

The Lesbian Reivew
This is a creative fantasy with great worldbuilding and an intriguing mythology. If you are looking for a unique escape from the everyday, a fantasy with a bit of a different spin, then this book will surely fill that need.

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  1. dlc (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this book. Is there going to be a 2nd book to this as it is left on a cliff hanger?

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