Across the Dark Horizon

by Tagan Shepard

Major Charlene “Charlie” Hawk has been in the thick of battle many times, but she’s never had a deployment quite like this. A prison riot on the Moon. Fifty heavily armed, violent felons with nothing to lose. Two dozen innocent corporate drones with no way of escape. There’s no retreat and failure isn’t an option—not with so many civilian lives in her hands. And especially that one life.

Gail Moore runs Moon Colony with a soft heart, a head for business, and a stomach full of fear. Fear of the cold, dark lunar surface. Fear of blood on her hands. Mostly, though, fear of the way her eyes linger on the soldier who drops into her domain full of unquenchable courage and a body she can’t ignore.

The odds of survival were never good. The odds they could make something of their mutual attraction were even worse. But as the inevitable orbit of their lunar prison carries them away from the life-giving power provided by the sun, their chances evaporate faster than the fading light. If they are to survive, they need to move quickly. Death waits for them across the dark horizon.


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Genre Science-Fiction, Romance
Length 214 pages
Publication Date June 13, 2019
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642471007
Editor Cath Walker
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles



"One of the first movie memories I have is watching the 1959 version of Journey to the Center of the Earth. That film enthralled me like nothing before. It sparked a lifetime obsession with adventure, heroism, Jules Verne, and stubborn, capable women. The latter has been satisfied these last eighteen years by my wife. All the former are the inspiration behind Across the Dark Horizon.

I had the idea for this novel while reading Verne’s From Earth to the Moon. What I’ve always loved about Verne’s brand of science fiction is the emphasis on science. No alien invasion or space opera melodrama can be found in his work, but rather a reasoned, reasonable world containing only the knowledge we have today, but with a brilliant mind to connect the existing dots and take humanity to the next level.

That sort of near-future scifi is what Across the Dark Horizon has to offer. That and adventure, heroism, and, of course, a pair of stubborn, capable women."
—Tagan Shepard


Jude S. - What’s more dangerous than a prison riot? A prison riot on the Moon.

This was so fast-paced that it felt shorter than it really is. I really liked that it wasn’t as much set in the future as in a present where a company trying to outdo Boeing found, almost by chance, a way to make space travel possible. It felt as if this could really happen one of these days. Setting the story on the Moon also added elements of danger of (being stranded in space, the lack of backup, the time frame of the dark side of the Moon…) and heightened the tension.

I couldn’t put this book down.

Heather B. -Across the Dark Horizon is a fast paced book that I could not put down. The characters are well developed and the storyline is entertaining. The book is well written and I would read more by this author.

R. Swier - Across the Dark Horizon was the first book I read by this author. It was an extremely well written fast paced story. Tegan Shepard immediately pulled her reader into the chaos that took place within the first few pages-a prison riot on the Moon.

Even though this story took place within a short period of time, there was a lot going on. The author engaged her reader with action filled tension and many emotional highs and lows as life and death plans were discussed and debated. The characters’ actions and demeanor reflected this tension culminating in both passion and emotional breakdowns.

This was a great read and I look forward to reading other books by this author.

Sarah E. - So the beauty of this book is it’s a mix between a futuristic setting and a normal setting. It’s on the moon, but yet everything in the world around it remains the same so you get the feeling that it’s not really far fetched! I’m really into romance so to have a break and get into an action/futuristic book was a very good refreshing feeling! I really liked both MCs and I could feel the connection. The supporting characters were good too.

Jules P. - Dear Book: Thank you for full filling every damn fantasy I’ve had about a buff female soldier in crisp bdu’s and combat boots loving hard on a slightly uptight, gorgeous executive who rocks 4-inch heels and pencil skirts, who flashes thigh and sways hips aplenty as she goes by.

Dear Book: Thank you for being jam packed with action and set in outer space because I love SciFi. In fact, nerd that I am, I keep pictures of Octavia Butler and Ursula LeGuin in my phone just because.

Dear Book: Above all, thank you for including a strong, intelligent woc who is fearless in battle and who loves to crush her sexy body against the aforementioned soldier every chance she can get. Thank you also for respecting her heritage and not using it as a token trait.

As in most other SciFi, there’s a good underlying message and in this case, it’s about the flawed American justice system and the pay for play prison system that exists in the U.S. Much love to the author for tackling those issues and blending them into an outstanding tale.

Carrie K. - An anxious race for survival.

Gail Moore is in charge of a colony on the moon that is mostly populated by death row prisoners. They riot and take partial control. Charlie Hawk is the Major of an army special forces team on earth that is called to handle the perilous situation on the moon.

There is always something intriguing happening or new information to uncover with each page turn.

The author does a great job of world building. She describes everything in a way that seems feasible and believable. From domes with three layer protection to a system designed to gradually limit power usage upon entering the 14 day span on the dark side of the moon. The reader is completely immersed in the corporate space habitat project.

The relationship between Gail and Hawk begins on a rough note where the two of them don't meat eye to eye. But as the days pass, a mutual attraction forms. This is a distraction that Hawk does not need as resolving the conflict becomes increasingly tenuous. We wonder if there is any way possible that these two can get together as they face the very real threat of death.

This book has it all. Action, suspense, depth, steamy scenes, love, etc.

Overall, this was a really entertaining read.

Reviewer@Large - Imagined in painstaking detail and richly described, this sci-fi is so entrenched in the ethos of the possible that it becomes believable…just immersive and a really good read.

Kat A. - A great spec fiction romance that keeps a great pace. Loved the moon base setting and the characters were both strong women and had great chemistry.

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