The Book of Kell

by Amy Briant

“I hate field trips.” That’s exactly what Kell was thinking just as the bus blew up…

Thus begins a grueling trek for three young survivors in a treacherous post-apocalyptic world—pitting the inner strength and resilience of youth against the dysfunction and destruction created by adults.

Scavenging for food, drinkable water and anything else that will help them survive the journey, the teens must constantly be on the alert for enemy drones, crazed loners, domestic terrorists, packs of feral dogs, and flesh-seeking predators. Not to mention some deadly surprises from Mother Nature.

Genre Young Adult, Thriller
Length 310 pages
Publication Date February 15, 2020
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642471045
Editor Ann Roberts
Cover Designer Judith Fellows


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Check out the book trailer!

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