Fare Game

by Cade Haddock Strong

Kay Corbett is a newly minted vice president at Logan, one of the largest airlines in the world, and she’s fallen smack-dab in the middle of a massive plot to swindle the airline’s passengers and defraud its investors. There is only one way out. Earn the trust of the ringleader while simultaneously working to bring him down and put an end to his elaborate scheme.

Things get a lot more interesting and a lot more complicated when she becomes entangled with Riley Bauer, the brilliant beauty in Finance. They form an imposing team both in love and in the fight for justice. As they race against the clock, each woman must decide how much they are willing to risk in order to expose the truth.





$18.95 $17.95

Genre Romance, Thriller
Length 292 pages
Publication Date November 14, 2019
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642471106e
Editor Ann Roberts
Cover Designer Judy Fellows


Pin’s Reviews - The author nails intrigue/thriller and romance in this book.... The whistle-blowing storyline is plausible, logical, tense and interesting, the romance believable and sweet, the ending satisfying. With all other elements done well, this one makes a second good book by Haddock Strong. I liked it, and will definitely check out her next offering.

Emma A. - This author is new to me but I'll be looking for more of her work because I really liked this story. It's a romantic thriller with two likeable leads, some well-done minor characters and very interesting plot that kept me interested from start to finish.

Diane W. - My belief is that when readers pick up this book, they will be enamored by a carefully and skillfully plotted story line that's also well written and doesn't sacrifice moral complexity to the demands of a fast-moving narrative. Ms. Haddock Strong does such a great job…

Ginger O. - The plot has many layers—lust, a whirlwind relationship, intrigue (where is the money going?)—and desperate characters on both sides of the law.

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