[Un]Common Ground

by Erica Abbott and Pol Robinson

A single-minded government employee, a former Peace Corps volunteer, far too many goats, and one stray dog…what could possibly go wrong?

Sara’s entire life has been nomadic—developing and growing sustainable sources of food in small rural communities has meant no place to call her own. Now she’s ready to come home, focus her efforts on her own country’s food deserts, and settle into life in the Pacific Northwest. But just as she plants her roots, things begin to unravel.

Margaret is a city planner. She’s tough, ambitious, and smart. She’s also determined to get what she wants for her city, the taxpayers, and her own career. The only obstacle on the path to her success? An equally determined woman named Sara.

Two women, worlds apart, clearly have no common ground between them…or do they?





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Genre Romance
Length 178 pages
Publication Date September 17, 2020
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642471168e
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Pol Robinson



"Neither of us had written with a partner before, so the entire process was new. We decided we’d each take a character and write her, which was really interesting. We messaged through Facebook all the time, with ‘official’ meetings scheduled for three times a week if we both could make it. During those meetings, one of us would ask the other, ‘Would Sara do…’ or ‘What would Margaret say about…’. It was fun."

—Pol Robinson


Betty H. - [Un]Common Ground by Erica Abbott and Pol Robinson is one of those charming romances that we need...  It is about an unlikely couple who are attracted to each other in spite of their differences. The characters are easy to fall in love with, and the setting is absolutely gorgeous and well-described. The story itself will leave you in a happy mood. If you need a book that will brighten your day, then this is the one for you.

Pin's Reviews - Light, sweet and really funny. With two likable main characters, a solid storyline, good dialogue and a nice love story. And some interesting and quirky secondary characters including the dog.

Bonnie S. - Ms. Abbott and Ms. Robinson have given us a thoroughly enjoyable read. Both characters are well developed along with a supporting cast that makes for a fast, fun read.

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