All Together Stranger: Book Two of the Redamancy Series

by Lara Hayes

Elizabeth Dumas is under quarantine. As the newest Strigoi in Fane’s family, she must prove her loyalty and discretion before she can leave the freight tunnels they call home to hunt on the streets of Chicago. Publicly, she answers to Irina. The name Fane gave her. But how long can Elizabeth deceive the Moroi before he discovers her true allegiance lies with her Maker, Stela?

Stela is in debt. When she killed a human associate to protect Elizabeth, she terminated a lucrative business endeavor. Now her fledgling Elizabeth is yet another Strigoi Fane must feed, clothe, and protect. And he will have his recompense.

Together in blood, body and mind, Stela and Elizabeth must keep the truth of their bond and the depth of their love hidden from Fane and the rest of the family.

After all, one Strigoi cannot belong to another.

All Together Stranger is the riveting sequel to the ground-breaking Terrible Praise.

The Redamancy Series Book 2.

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Genre Paranormal
Length 306 pages
Publication Date June 18, 2020
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642471199
Editor Cath Walker
Cover Designer Judith Fellows



"When I wrote Terrible Praise, the first book in my series, I had to grapple with the fact that I knew nothing about writing books. That was understandable, as I’d never done it before. All Together Stranger was tricky because I believed I had a better understanding of story construction, but realized later on that I knew nothing about writing a sequel.

Growth is hard work, change is hard. I shared these pains and insecurities with my newly turned vampire Elizabeth as she navigates a new world and a new way of life with her lover and sire Stela. Elizabeth’s transition from mortal to immortal is not a smooth one. She’s regarded with suspicion by Stela’s family and this struggle to fit in, to carve out a place of her own, tests their relationship."

—Lara Hayes


Sera T. - I read the first book of this series and had to jump into this one immediately. It picks up right after the events of Terrible Praise, so it's best to read that book first. Otherwise, you miss the two protagonists falling in love. The intensity and suspense is much higher in this novel because the stakes just got wildly complicated. Stela loves Elizabeth more than she loves Fane, but she can't reveal her connection. Doing so would risk both her and Elizabeth's existence. It makes for a much tenser novel. Also, you get to really see what vampires are made of. They are gorgeous, seductive and utterly lethal, and the circumstances of a hidden love affair just made everything that much more engaging, especially when the couple in question are often at odds with each other. There is a dark realism to this that makes Stela and Elizabeth a compelling pair.

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