Claiming Camille

by Louise McBain

Camille Robbins is determined to stay on the partnership track at the prestigious San Francisco law firm of Walker and Jenkins—and that’s meant putting love on the back burner for the past seven years.

But now Camille is back in her hometown of Washington, DC to care for her ailing father, and back at the DC branch of the law firm where she worked years ago. Returning to the office means returning to face her former boss and lover, the incomparable Mia Shannon.

To complicate matters, Camille begins a wild journey with the daughter of the firm’s biggest client—the fiery redhead Hannah Richards—even though she knows that Hannah is strictly off-limits.

With Mia determined to throw a wrench in the works, will the hurt feelings of a spurned lover ruin any chance they might have? Or will Hannah see beyond the chaos and lies to finally claim Camille’s heart…





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Genre Romance
Length 214 pages
Publication Date February 13, 2020
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642471212e
Editor Cath Walker
Cover Designer Kayla Mancuso


  • A Bella Debut Novel.


"The idea for Claiming Camille sprang from an article I read at the beginning of the #metoo movement. A woman in her sixties had just been made aware that a clandestine romance she’d had with her high school teacher, a man now in his eighties, was not the special relationship she’d believed it to be. Her former lover had pursued numerous other students during the course of his career and was now going to jail. The knowledge was devastating because it corrupted a cherished memory. Harder still was the idea that love had made the woman party to her own abuse. Tricky topics that got my mind spinning. What if the reality of a past relationship differed from your perception of it? If you couldn’t trust the past, how could you trust the future?

Enter Camille Robbins. When she split with her boss, Mia Shannon, eight years ago, Camille chalked it up to bad timing. Mia was ten years older and a partner at Camille’s law firm where strict no fraternization rules prevented them from being a public couple. Suddenly back in Mia’s orbit, Camille is forced to reconsider the dynamic of their relationship when she learns Mia’s current girlfriend, Lillian, is almost an exact replica of Camille’s younger self. Lillian is also an associate on Mia’s team. Lillian is also a secret. The new information threatens to erode Camille’s self-esteem until she meets Hannah, a sexy climbing instructor who is not afraid to let everyone know that Camille has captured her interest. When Hannah literally sweeps Camille off her feet, Camille begins to believe that love is possible. Claiming Camille is a book about the undeniable chemistry between two women and the courage it takes for them to trust it."
—Louise McBain


Kris W. - The characters are amazing, the dialogue is perfect, the romance is off the charts, and I laughed multiple times throughout the story. At several points while reading this lovely story I realized my face was hurting from smiling for so long. Not to say that there isn’t plenty of drama and intrigue because there is, but overall the story gave off a fun and sexy vibe that was perfect and entertaining. A supremely great read.


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  1. Suzandcc (verified owner)

    First time I have read this author, won’t be the last. Well written, warm and lovely characters. Very sexy. Highly recommend!

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