Dying on the Vine

by Ann Roberts

When Ari Adams journeys to Oregon’s wine country with best pal Jane Frank, she envisions sipping pinot noir on a gorgeous deck and staring at the sunsets across the Willamette Valley.

But then they arrive at Sisters Cellars only to find that the sommelier, Dion Demopolous, has been murdered. Dion had been favored to win the Master Sommelier title at the world’s most prestigious wine competition, and now more than a few people are happy to see him gone.

Mina Sommer, Jane’s childhood friend and the owner of Sisters Cellars, asks Ari to investigate. Ari’s romantic assumptions are quickly shattered as she delves into the cutthroat world of winemaking—where suspicion is routine, reputation is coveted, and passion for the drink of goddesses and queens is just another motive for murder.

An Ari Adams Mystery Series Book 8.



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Genre Mystery
Length 250 pages
Publication Date May 14, 2020
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642471229
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Judith Fellows


GCLS Goldie Awards
Dying on the Vine—Winner, Mystery/Thriller/Crime.


"Two things to know about my latest mystery, Dying on the Vine: it features a dog who helps catch the killer, and wine is the killer’s weapon. I don’t mean the killer puts poison in the wine and feeds it to the victim. No. The wine itself kills the victim. Think the Clue game: Mr. or Ms. _______ did it with the wine in the production room. Interesting, huh?

Initially I had no idea what would be the premise or the setting of the 8th installment of the Ari Adams mystery series and my 20th book. Then we went on vacation to Canada, making a pit stop in Woodinville, Washington, an area populated by small wineries. A friend had steered us to Adrice Wines. We got there just as the tasting room opened and were greeted by the winemaker, Pam Adkins, her wife Julie Bulrice, and their sidekick, Dexter the Tasting Room Dog.

As we left, I was sure that I wanted to set my next mystery in a vineyard, and I wanted to include Dexter. He plays himself in Dying on the Vine, and this book is a tribute to his memory, since he crossed the Rainbow Bridge before the book was published."

—Ann Roberts


Eh S. - Dying on the Vine was everything I was hoping it would be, and not knowing Ari’s past didn’t affect my reading pleasure. This is an immersive read. It helps the reader understand the challenges faced by vintners and their crops, along with the competitive aspects of the wine industry. So competitive that the grudges and secrets held make everyone a suspect. I enjoyed working through motives and alibis along with Ari. The cast of characters were entertaining and the way their lives crossed made this a fun mystery to solve.

Kat W. - What a fascinating story. Not only do you learn a little about wineries and making wine, but you also get to investigate with Ari, who is a hell of an investigator. I didn't know until almost the end who was at fault. Even if I had my suspicions, those weren't 100%. Great read.

The Lesbian Review
The story is well-paced, with revelations coming bit by bit, whetting the appetite. The writing shows skill and a love of language. Ms. Roberts is extremely skilled at bringing her characters to life. It was a joy to read and is the kind of book to savour, like a large glass of your favourite wine.

Deb M. - This book once again proves Ann Roberts is a solid writer. It’s no wonder she’s earned several prominent awards; her talent shines through with each book she writes. Her plotting and pacing are always spot-on. Her characters are intriguing and likable. The tension and suspense are just right. The storytelling is believable and engaging. It’s the perfect mix for a well crafted mystery. I absolutely recommend this wonderful mystery. It is a real delight.

Anja S. - I've read many Ann Roberts books, but this was my first Ari Adams Mystery. There is an excellent ensemble cast of characters, all of whom are nuanced, fully drawn, and intriguing. It's hard to say which is more interesting—the cast of characters and their relationships, the swift pace of the investigation, or the details of the art and science of winemaking. The relationships portrayed are genuinely adult and therefore complex and engaging. The culture around vineyards and winemaking is a passionate one and that passion is reflected in the characters and situations in the book. Highly recommended. I look forward to starting with the very first Ari Adams mystery and finding out everything I've missed.

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