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Pursuing Pandora

by Maggie Brown

Corporate lawyer Winter Carlyle is the first to admit that she’s become jaded with romance after a very messy public breakup.

When her bossy aunt asks her to visit a high-end nightclub to check on her young cousin, Winter reluctantly agrees. Poking her nose into her cousin’s love life is the last thing she wants to do. So what if he has a giant crush on Pandora, a lounge singer thirteen years his senior? The cougar just might teach him a thing or two.

For Pandora, the sultry siren with the slinky low-cut gown façade is all an act. It’s showbiz. She dislikes the adulation and the numerous advances, especially from the Russian gangster and the aging playboy. Besides, she has an ulterior motive for being at the club, and romance is definitely off the agenda.

But uptight, reserved Winter is a complication she hasn’t foreseen. And even with the best intentions, love has a way of striking at the most inopportune times.


$17.95 $16.95



Genre Romance, Thriller
Length 268 pages
Publication Date April 16, 2020
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642471236
Editor Cath Walker
Cover Designer Judith Fellows



"Writing a book is like cooking. Authors can make it as complicated or as simple as they like.
I followed this recipe for my new book:
• Make a full-bodied, robust story with a tangy setting. Add the two main characters: a smoky-hot lounge singer and a sharp, zesty corporate lawyer. Marinate with a spicy plot. Throw in a sweet romance, a salt and pepper supporting cast, and then add an nasty ex for a dash of bitters.
• Mix well.
• Put in the steamer to cook.
• Garnish with crispy dialogue.
And presto! You have Pursuing Pandora on a platter."

—Maggie Brown

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