Pursuing Pandora

by Maggie Brown

Corporate lawyer Winter Carlyle is the first to admit that she’s become jaded with romance after a very messy public breakup.

When her bossy aunt asks her to visit a high-end nightclub to check on her young cousin, Winter reluctantly agrees. Poking her nose into her cousin’s love life is the last thing she wants to do. So what if he has a giant crush on Pandora, a lounge singer thirteen years his senior? The cougar just might teach him a thing or two.

For Pandora, the sultry siren with the slinky low-cut gown façade is all an act. It’s showbiz. She dislikes the adulation and the numerous advances, especially from the Russian gangster and the aging playboy. Besides, she has an ulterior motive for being at the club, and romance is definitely off the agenda.

But uptight, reserved Winter is a complication she hasn’t foreseen. And even with the best intentions, love has a way of striking at the most inopportune times.



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Genre Romance
Length 268 pages
Publication Date April 16, 2020
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642471236
Editor Cath Walker
Cover Designer Judith Fellows



"Writing a book is like cooking. Authors can make it as complicated or as simple as they like.
I followed this recipe for my new book:
• Make a full-bodied, robust story with a tangy setting. Add the two main characters: a smoky-hot lounge singer and a sharp, zesty corporate lawyer. Marinate with a spicy plot. Throw in a sweet romance, a salt and pepper supporting cast, and then add an nasty ex for a dash of bitters.
• Mix well.
• Put in the steamer to cook.
• Garnish with crispy dialogue.
And presto! You have Pursuing Pandora on a platter."

—Maggie Brown


Karen C. - Pursuing Pandora is exactly the book I needed this week. A mix of romance, comedy, and intrigue...what could be better?

Lex Kent's Reviews - Brown writes well and I soon found myself hooked into the story of a repressed lawyer and the charismatic lounge singer. Two people almost polar opposites, yet their attraction absolutely sparked. What I was most impressed with was the characters. The whole cast of characters in this book is wonderful. Every friend, family member, you name it, had an important role to play. If you are looking for a good romance with a little intrigue, give this book a shot.

Kat W. - This story grabbed me from the beginning and it was extremely hard to put it down. I liked the secrets, and innuendos, the harmony between Pandora and Winter. Loved the attraction from the beginning. This story is really wonderful.

Melina B. - The lead characters were well developed and the attraction between them was palpable—you could tell they couldn’t help but gravitate towards one another. The other characters were equally well written. I particularly enjoyed the fact that the author didn’t build massive angst from minor miscommunication issues and the leads were fighting to make things work. The author’s writing style was engaging and the Australian setting was a refreshing change.

Ameliah R. - It was one of the best books I’ve read in a while and that is saying a LOT because there are some truly fantastic books out there in just the last few months alone! I loved Winter so much! She was so bold but yet so insecure… almost broken in some respects. Pandora was so much stronger than she let on yet there is a side of her that longs for things she thinks she can’t have. The magic the two of them have is off the charts! They are vibrant, sexy, talented and fascinating. I could not get enough of them. The story is so full of drama and angst, love and lust, jealousy and joy, anger and acceptance and even a bit of danger. It is a definite must read and re-read and then read it again sort of book and you will love it too!

Susie S. - A not-to-be-missed romance-come-mystery.

This book was quite delightful, in so many ways. We have sultry Pandora, who isn’t at all what she seems. Recently burnt Winter, who is happy to finally be able to move on from her controlling ex. Then Winter’s array of family and friends, some who really don’t appear to have her best interests at heart.

Winter ends up meeting Pandora after her aunt cajoles her into going to an upscale nightclub to check on her nephew, who insists he’s going to marry Pandora. Only problem is, instead of disliking her, Winter is attracted to her. As is her best friend, Jessie. Although Winter assumes that Pandora wouldn’t be interested in her, noting all the male attention she gets at the club. Oh how wrong could she be!

Sometimes it’s quite frustrating finding out the details as I go along, rather than them being laid bare from the beginning, yet in this instance, it worked quite well.

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