Out of the Flames

by Stacy Lynn Miller

Newly minted San Francisco police detective Manhattan Sloane lets no one get close, especially lovers, until Avery Santos crosses her path. Avery makes her forget she’s a death magnet and has been since she was thirteen. No matter how hard she tried before, Sloane never got over causing her parents’ deadly accident and has lived with the guilt for twenty years.

Married and in love, Sloane all but forgets her painful past until DEA Agent Finn Harper, her first childhood crush, reappears. Sparks fly with the highhanded way Finn leads the Federal investigation into a new street drug weaving its way into the city. When that drug kills a family friend, Sloane breaks protocol to pursue the dealer responsible and pays a disastrous price. Unsure who to trust, she puts her faith in Finn. As they close in on the ruthless cartel drug lord and the anonymous government leak helping him, their attraction rekindles. Before this ends, Sloane must choose between revenge and her oath and ultimately loneliness and love.

A Manhattan Sloane Thriller.

Genre Romance, Thriller
Publication Date April 15, 2020
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642471328

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