Gillette Park

by Gerri Hill

Gillette Park, a sleepy town nestled in the Rocky Mountains, harbors a secret.

Twenty-three years ago, a young girl went missing. Two days later her body was found lodged beneath the footbridge over Boulder Creek. The murder shook the town but they soon found it was only the beginning. A serial killer hides among them—a serial killer who strikes twice, sometimes three times a year.

Mason Cooper couldn’t wait to leave Gillette Park. At eighteen, she headed off to college and the bright lights of Los Angeles, thinking she’d never return home to the broken family and forgotten friendships she’d left behind. But being a cop in LA lost its charm and—after a breakup—Mason heads back to her hometown. The serial killer still haunts Gillette Park and she becomes consumed with catching him.

Dr. Grace Jennings has what some call a gift. She “sees” things. She “hears” things. Running from that gift was useless so she’s learned to embrace it instead. Now the FBI has solicited her help in catching the serial killer.

Not everyone in this mountain town has embraced the idea of bringing in a psychic, including Mason’s uncle and boss, Sheriff Cooper. Mason is tasked with being the go-between and she soon finds herself with a front row seat as Dr. Jennings discovers the dark—and well hidden—secrets of Gillette Park.

As Mason and Grace’s friendship grows, so does their attraction. But safety lies only with each other, as they battle the evil that lives in Gillette Park.



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Genre Mystery/Thriller
Length 338 pages
Publication Date March 12, 2020
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642471335
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles


GCLS Goldie Awards
Gillette Park—Winner, Paranormal/Occult/Horror.


"I don’t remember who came first, Tori Hunter or Tori the cat. She lived with us only a few years, disappearing on Memorial Day, 2007. Pet names have made their way into books and character names have made their way out of them. A cat named Jordan (Pelican’s Landing). Our sweet dog, Casey (In the Name of the Father/Partners). Then there was a cat named Dillon (Sierra City) and a cat named Sierra. Alex was our cat, but he became a dog in Dawn of Change.

Casey and Cooper were our beloved Australian Shepherds. Cooper died in January 2019 of a blood disease. Cooper was MY dog. She followed me from room to room. She lay at my feet in the kitchen. She tagged after me wherever I went outside. She left an awful void. Casey was sick too. She had heart disease and was on seven meds (yes, seven!) twice a day. So after Cooper died, we decided to get two puppies. Australian Shepherds again, just like before. (Casey hated them!) One a black tri, the other a red tri. Rylee (Moonlight Avenue) is the black tri (like Casey). She smiles and shows her teeth and is a bundle of energy. Mason is the red tri. And like Cooper before her, she follows me from room to room, plops down on my feet in the kitchen and tags after me outside everywhere I go.

So meet….Mason Cooper, my tough—yet sensitive—sheriff’s deputy in Gillette Park!

(Our Casey died the day before Thanksgiving…so 2019 was a rough year. Having new pups around makes it easier but our two old gals will never be forgotten.)"

—Gerri Hill


Lex Kent's Reviews - This book was just what I was hoping for and wickedly entertaining. The premise of this book is really well done. Parts are hard to read of course. This book is about a serial killer who targets mostly young teenagers. The book isn’t very graphic, but it still breaks your heart in places. But there is also a sweet romance that helps to give the book a sense of hope. Mix that with some strong women, the creepiness of the paranormal factors, and the book balances out really well. There is a lot of potential with these characters and I’d love to see their stories continue.  If you are a Hill fan, grab this.

Bethany K. - Hill is a master writer, and this one is done in a way that I think will appeal to many readers. Don't just discount this one because it has a paranormal theme to it! I think that the majority of readers who love mystery novels with a romantic side twist will love this story.

Gayle T. - It was suspenseful and so well written that it was anyone's guess what would happen next! The characters—all of them, as you'll learn, were perfectly written.

bookvark - It was written so well that there was some new event or clue that would keep me intrigued. I loved the main characters. Both Mason and Grace were realistic characters with fractured pasts. Their histories play a part in who they are and grow to become throughout the book. The supernatural spin felt believable to me because of the story behind it.

Jenna F. - Gerri Hill has written another action-packed thriller. The writing is excellent and the characters engaging. Wow!

Melissa F. - This book was awesome! Lots of action, drama and paranormal activity. Great characters and descriptive scenery really brought this book to life.

Carolyn M. - ...is a phenomenal book! I wish I could give this more than five stars. Yes, there is a paranormal element, and a love story, and conflict, and danger. And it's all worth it. Thank you, Gerri Hill, for writing a brilliant masterpiece!

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for Gillette Park – Paperback

  1. u097265

    This is a fast-paced, action-packed story. Hill does a nice job balancing the thriller/horror/paranormal aspects of the book with a sweet romance that develops between Mason and Grace. I’d recommend this book to other readers, even if you are like me and don’t normally read this genre. This book deserves a solid 5 stars.

  2. keishie023

    Whew! This was one hell of a creepy, majestic, and endearing ride. Gerri! You’ve done it now! I sense…another trilogy with these fantastic characters.❤️

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