Just One Reason

by Jaime Clevenger

What would you do for forty-one million dollars?

For Elizabeth Samuels, it’s not some hypothetical what-if. It’s the very real inheritance she stands to gain if she follows the stipulations in her grandfather’s will when she takes over his family practice. The only problem? The stipulations mean a life she doesn’t want.

Terri Anderson knows better than to get involved with her resident. She’s had a work romance before—it didn’t end well and she doesn’t want to be part of the gossip mill all over again. But with Sam, keeping her distance is easier said than done.

When Sam considers walking away from medicine, Terri knows she can’t let her make that huge mistake. But changing Sam’s mind means getting close. A little too close.

With so much at stake, now is definitely not the time to fall in love.

A Paradise Romance.





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Genre Romance
Length 308 pages
Publication Date July 16, 2020
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642471540e
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Judith Fellows


GCLS Goldie Awards
Just One Reason—Finalist, Contemporary Romance: Long Novels.


"Growing up in Northern California, I wasn’t the only kid who wanted to surf. On scorching hot summer days, my parents would take me and my brothers to Santa Cruz for "a day of air-conditioning." We had beat-up boogey boards and surfboards that liked to scoot out from under us at the first sign of a good wave, but I didn’t mind. Splashing around in the ocean with the warm sun on my back always made for a perfect day.

When I was planning out the setting for this last book in the Paradise series, I immediately thought of Santa Cruz. But Santa Cruz didn’t make sense because all three books were supposed to be set in tropical locations. Still the idea took hold and I couldn’t let go of it. I wanted an excuse to picture my favorite beach, to hear the bark of the sea lions, smell the ocean breeze, and imagine jumping in the icy waves. So I decided that paradise isn’t always found in the tropics. Sometimes it’s in a memory of a place that will always hold a piece of your heart."

—Jaime Clevenger


The Lesbian Review
I had a lot of fun reading Just One Reason. I enjoy diving into a traditional romance where I know exactly what I’m going to get, and then being delighted with a host of clever details that make the story feel fresh and brand new. This book checked all the boxes on my list of what I want in a good book.

Digby M. - I don’t want to spoil things, but I was cheering this couple on and I wasn’t disappointed. Communication happens and it is beautiful and sweet, but not without a splash of angst. This book gave me all of the feels and really hit a home run with thoughtful, meaningful dialogue.

Bookvark - This is the third installment of the Paradise Romance series. I have gotten so much entertainment out of these books. I love the characters and friend group. That while each story focuses on a new budding relationship, the same characters pop in and we see that they continue to progress in their respective partnerships. There is always so much more depth and satisfaction when the writer can put people through the ringer so that they come out on the other side shiny and happy. Overall, this is another great addition to the Paradise Romance series.

Anja S. - Loved the character expansion into Terri’s life. The introduction to Sam was sure to make the reader fall in love with her too. Interspersed with just enough overthinking and misunderstandings to heighten the anticipation, Jamie Clevenger, clearly establishes the literary foreplay, leading the reader to a climactic finish. I loved the series for more than Just One Reason! Each book in the series, incorporates just enough push and pull, to keep the reader turning pages. Filled with fiery passion, there’s enough steamy love scenes to light your fire and keep it stoked. Another fantastic read from a delightfully talented author.

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