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Let the Beat Drop

by Cheri Ritz

There is nothing Sadie DuChamp loves more than rocking out on stage behind her drum set. Her music career is a dream come true. But when her band breaks up and she gets evicted from her New York City apartment all in the same week, her life suddenly feels more like a nightmare. She finds herself with no choice but to retreat to her mother’s home in the suburbs of Chicago. The return also forces Sadie to face the guilt she has choked down since the last time she left.

Jess Moran is fine with her love ’em and leave ’em reputation. She’s too busy with grad school to let herself be distracted by matters of the heart. Her plans for the summer break include lazy days in the sun and nights helping with her family’s craft vodka business. If she happens to stumble upon a few one-night stands along the way, all the better. But when she arrives home from school to find neighbor-turned-rock goddess Sadie swimming in her backyard pool her plans for a quiet summer disappear like free samples of vodka at happy hour.

As usual, Sadie turns to her music for salvation. Starting a band with the neighborhood ladies seems like the perfect way to get her rocker chick fix. Jess isn’t so sure she wants to get caught up in the rock ‘n’ roll fantasy, but to keep a close eye on the situation she agrees to act as a roadie for the band.

Sadie just wants to get her music career back on track and help her mom out along the way. Jess wants to protect a family secret that’s followed her for twenty years. The more the reluctant roadie and the sexy rock star running the show butt heads, the more they are drawn to one another. The women will have to find harmony or risk missing the beat and losing the rhythm of love.

Genre Romance
Publication Date September 15, 2020
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642471557

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