Taking a Chance on Love

by Catherine Maiorisi

Officer Quincy Adams is a hero. She pulled eleven people from burning cars and risked her own life to save the twelfth—a woman trapped in a car that could explode at any moment. But the event begins to trigger flashbacks to another time. Another tragedy. Trying to avoid the depression that she’s certain is just around the corner, Quincy heads to the local lesbian bar in search of light and life.

Lindy James is a loner. She’s only at the bar to celebrate her best friend’s birthday. But something about the bedraggled woman, whose image is breaking news on the TV, touches her heart and she agrees to drive the stranger home.

But Quincy doesn’t want to be alone and Lindy agrees to stay as long as Quincy doesn’t expect sex or ask personal questions. One night turns into three intimate but sexless nights. Then Monday morning Quincy asks Lindy for a date. And Lindy flees.

Thrown together by a devastating accident, but kept apart by fears from the past—will Quincy and Lindy take a chance on love?



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Genre Romance
Length 254 pages
Publication Date June 18, 2020
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642471618
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Judith Fellows



"Taking a Chance on Love is different from my other published books in ways.

My NYPD Detective Chiara Corelli mysteries and my three previous romances, Matters of the Heart, No One But You, and Ready for Love, are all set in New York City where I live but Taking a Chance on Love is set in Hackensack, New Jersey, the town where I grew up in a working-class family.

The main characters in all my previous books were wealthy or super comfortable but in Taking a Chance on Love, Quincy is a police officer and Lindy works for a trucking company. Neither has a lot of money.

And, the story of Quincy and Lindy is told in two books. Taking a Chance on Love is a standalone contemporary romance that starts with them meeting and goes on to their happily-ever-after. The Disappearance of Lindy James (coming in 2021) picks up six years after Quincy and Lindy’s happily-ever-after and is general fiction, though they do make it to another HEA.

So why is this book different than the others? I didn’t plan to write about everyday characters working and living in a suburban town or to write a general fiction book. But then, I don’t plan anything when I write. I’m a pantser. That is, I write from the seat of my pants or, as I prefer to say, from my imagination gone wild.

I don’t plan ahead or outline. I plunge into writing with whatever bit inspired me to start the story. In Taking a Chance on Love that bit of story was the image of a woman reading to her two daughters while her wife paced outside the room. Then my imagination took over and filled in the characters’ names, that Quincy was a police officer, that her wife was agitated, that the apartment was small and it was in a complex of older buildings in Hackensack that I knew well.

My subconscious surprised me. I hope Taking a Chance on Love surprises you."

—Catherine Maiorisi


Phoebe M. - Taking A Chance On Love is a slow-burn romance that allows its characters to grow into themselves before getting into a relationship. The chemistry is there right from the start. Yet Quincy and Lindy realize that they need to work on themselves individually to be able to be in an adult relationship. There is a great supporting cast of characters and I can already see potential spin-offs of this book.

Kat W. - What a wonderful and moving story. First part of the book will make you cry and feel sorry for Quincy. Second part of the book will make you feel sad for Lindy but for the rest of the book you will most definitely enjoy their journey of love, happiness and shot at life together. I truly enjoyed this one.

Les Rêveur
I could smell the smoke and feel the fire from the first scene. The descriptions in this novel are vibrant and, in some instances, confronting. The secondary characters, Barb, Lindy’s best friend, Sarah, Mama, and the survivors of the crash are wonderful and help bring the story together.

The relationship between Quincy and Lindy is a very, very, very slow burn. However, the attraction and the need for each other can’t be denied.

Yorkie B. - Great drama and a wonderful roller coaster of emotion. The main characters are well-developed and I found it difficult to not be invested in the outcome.

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