Maybe Charlotte

by Louise McBain

Charlie Kincaid has moved to Washington, DC, to get away from her spoiled ex-girlfriend Madison and an unsavory association with a popular item at her trendy Portland bakery, The Charlie Pie™.  The delicious treat is a frosted blueberry tart secretly named after Charlie’s vagina. Now what was once a sexy secret has turned into the most talked about dessert in southern Maine—with knockoffs in every store and a radio jingle on repeat.

Renaming herself Charlotte, Charlie moves with her twin brother Daniel to the Georgetown guest house of their great aunt, internationally known artist Wellesley Kincaid. On a wild night out, Charlotte notices green-eyed Lily and sparks fly. When chance throws them together again, the sparks take fire. Charlotte finds herself hopeful that a relationship with the young lawyer might grow.

Then the fledgling romance is threatened when Madison makes a surprise trip to DC—looking for a way back into Charlotte’s life. Will the trust Charlotte and Lily have built withstand the test of Madison’s return?

Maybe Charlotte is the story of two women overcoming the disappointments of past relationships to forge one that is uniquely their own.

A Sequel to Claiming Camille.





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Genre Romance
Length 222 pages
Publication Date December 10, 2020
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642471632e
Editor Judith Fellows
Cover Designer Cath Walker



"The name for Maybe Charlotte literally popped up on my phone two years ago when the daughter of a friend texted me about an apartment I was renting. I didn’t have Charlotte recorded in my contacts but my phone guessed who she was because her mom had previously texted me her phone number. Maybe Charlotte? I seized on it as a book title and wrote my story around it. The funny thing is that the real Charlotte, former tenant-current neighbor, has a sister named Lily, who is love interest in the novel! I’m totally giving them the book for Christmas."

—Louise McBain


Pin's Reviews - With each book McBain's growth as an author and storyteller is unmistakable, and Maybe Charlotte is the best proof of it. It is a full-blooded romance with very charming and likable protagonists who have great chemistry together. There are also numerous perfectly done secondary characters who give the story depth and interest. The writing is very good with an interesting plot, nice dialogue and pacing.

Overall, this is a lovely book very well worth reading. I recommend it, and am looking forward to the next romance by this author.

Emma A. - Maybe Charlotte by Louise McBain is wonderful! ...one of the most enjoyable reads I've had in awhile.

Charlotte and Lily are both looking for love, but it starts off a little chaotic. The story really explores Charlotte's family and her ex girlfriend Madison, and it turns into this delightful, funny, witty and charming story!

I don't want to give too much away, but the family of Charlotte's twin brother, their great aunt (and her two male friends), just bring so much heart and love to the story.

I highly recommend this book!

Cathy W. - This is the first time for me reading a Louise McBain book, and I wasn't disappointed. Maybe Charlotte is a good read, a romance with some funny moments thrown in. Great story with an added bonus of fantastic secondary characters.

Skip S. - I really enjoyed the fact that this was a page-turner full of small but interesting moments. There were some amusing capers that really made the secondary characters shine, including a couple of story line threads that run through the majority of the book. Charlie’s ex plays a part in the story line, but even this is done in an engaging way.

One of my favourite parts about this book is the setting. I love DC and spending time there, so it really made me happy that the story takes place there. I also really liked the descriptors of art that feature in the book. Overall this a sweet romance full of moments to keep you interested and great chemistry between the main characters.

Karen C. - What sets Louise McBain apart for me is that her books are so funny, but it's not artificially hilarious sitcom dialogue funny. She sneaks in random observations that maybe some readers don't notice, but I found myself chuckling several times. Some terms that have completely new meaning now are Madness, Charlie Pie, The Geoffrey Problem, and Laurel Jaguar.

I loved the entire cast of characters—not only the MCs Charlotte and Lily, but Charlotte's twin brother Daniel is really a MC too. Maddie, the obsessed ex, and Wellesley and her two house mates all added interest and depth. This book is set in the same universe as Claiming Camille, and although it can totally be read as a standalone I would highly recommend reading Camille first—I loved it so much.

Betty H. -This is a lovely romance about two women who have been very unlucky in their past relationships. Both Charlotte (Charlie) and Lily have exes who have hurt them in the past, so they are a bit skittish about beginning a new relationship. However, they can’t deny the chemistry they have for each other. If only Charlotte’s ex, Madison, would accept the fact that her relationship with Charlotte is really over.

This is a beautiful (and sometimes steamy) romance with just enough angst to make the story interesting. The setting (Washington, DC) is perfect for the tale since Lily is a budding artist and Charlotte’s aunt is a famous artist in the story. Since there are many art galleries and museums in this area, it provides plenty of venues that could be used in the book.

I loved watching Charlotte and Lily grow as characters through the story. Both had to learn to trust again, and to stand up for themselves. The way they grew in the novel is a good example of creating depth in characters. I connected with the two at the beginning of the book, but I grew to love them by the end.

Maybe Charlotte is listed as a sequel to Claiming Camille in the blurb, and this book does take place in the same “world” as the former with some of the same characters, but honestly, you could read this book as a standalone if you haven’t read the first one yet. However, both are excellent romance novels, and I recommend you read both in order. I certainly enjoyed them both.

Les Rêveur
Like Claiming Camille before, Maybe Charlotte—which can be read as a standalone despite being set in the same universe— is a light and sweet read. Both Charlotte and Lily are good people who only want the best for everyone. They have their flaws too, but they act like adults and communicate instead of making assumptions, and that’s really refreshing.

There’s also a great ensemble of secondary characters, especially around Charlotte. A lovely romance with very lovable characters, both main and secondary. I’m looking forward to more by this author.

Phoebe M. - I really liked Maybe Charlotte. Charlotte is a great character and mix her with her brother and holy sugar the drama gets funny and intense. The premise is great. I love the hit and miss between Charlotte and Lily, the dance is part of the charm of the book.

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