by Lori G. Matthews

Samantha Cassidy, award-winning actress, up-and-coming Hollywood “It Girl”, is missing three things in her life: an Oscar, a special someone to share her life with, and a baby goat in pajamas.

Alex Novato married her college sweetheart, but tragedy struck and the love of her life was ripped from her arms. Now she refuses to open her heart again, choosing casual sex over deeper commitments, until a not-so-chance meeting with her favorite Hollywood starlet turns her world upside down.

Will Alex give love another try? Will Sam find the courage to follow her heart, Hollywood be damned? Will anyone get a baby goat in pajamas?

#CassiNova is a sweet, funny, fun romp through the Hollywood Hills.





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Genre Romance
Length 296 pages
Publication Date November 12, 2020
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642471656e
Editor Alissa McGowan
Cover Designer Kayla Mancuso



"If you ask me what my favorite movies are, I guarantee you I’ll name every great romcom from the last thirty years. Pretty Woman? Yep. Notting Hill? Of course. Trainwreck? Yes, please. The list goes on and on. So it was only natural that when I took my first stab at writing, the end result would turn out to be lighthearted and fun.

#CassiNova was that first stab at writing, and it started out as a Clexa fanfic. Four years ago, I had stumbled across Archive of Our Own, a website dedicated to fan fiction. As I was reading the stories, I asked myself, “Why can’t I write a story?” Followed by, “How hard can it be?” Which is my wife’s favorite line by the way, used mostly in reference to some household repair job that will eventually go awry.

Well, it turns out I could write a story, but it was a lot harder than, say, refinishing hardwood floors. The process of taking a fanfic and molding it into a novel took three years of painstaking rewrites and editing, but the end result was well worth it, and I hope you have as much fun reading this story as I had writing it."

—Lori G. Matthews

  • A Bella Debut Novel.


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MJ's Reviews - Lori G. Matthews had me laughing in public—exactly what I needed in these stressful times. She completely sucked me in! The characters were almost familiar, like friends I already have. The romance felt real, and I never doubted the motives behind Sam and Alex’s actions. I spent many years so hungry for representation that I’d read anything you threw at me, but I’m happy to say this book set the bar so much higher for me. A flirty, fun romp through Hollywood.

The Lesbian Review
#CassiNova is such a fun read. I pictured this title making its way into my beach bag for a fun, upbeat read in the sunshine. The language is trendy and at times edgy, giving the book a youthful, modern Hollywood vibe. The slow burn romance is tempered with humor that keeps the pace until the romance peaks. Keeping with great timing, there are also well written genuine and sincere moments. #CassiNova is a cute, funny, light read. I’d recommend it for any of my friends looking for a sweet, easygoing RomCom.

R. Swier - #CassiNova was the debut novel for this author and it was a rom-com. There were many comedic episodes throughout the story involving the mains and the secondary characters. I actually enjoyed the scenes where all the characters were together. Besides all the comedy involved, there were some serious moments concerning Alex’s past and Sam’s relationship with her father. Those were the tender and serious scenes.

I liked the way the author used the title, #CassiNova, at the beginning of the story and then wasn’t mentioned until it re-emerged near the end in a very sweet, and of course, fun way. I really enjoyed these characters and their zany antics. This was definitely the right book to read with many laughable moments, and I look forward to any future books from this author.

nutmeg - The book is hilarious. I showed a lot of teeth while reading, could not contain my giggles and was laughing out loud deep into the night. Family and friends on both sides will amuse you to no end, the characterizations make them all lovable, dorks, bimbos or whatever. A solid 5 stars based on the entertainment value of the book, perfect for times like this.

Kaye C. - Delightfully funny. I read this with a grin and outright laughter. I will look for future books from the author.

Carol C. - I understand this is a first published book for this author, and all I can say is please, Ms. Matthews, keep them coming. This was just a wonderful story around: actress meets writer/landscaper—I'll keep it quiet on who stalked who first.

The main characters are relatable and the author really gives them great background that you understand why they are the way they are. I love this author's style of writing in that it is page after page after page of dialogue—I love a book brimming with lots of dialogue—it is both laugh-out-loud funny and at times very serious (Alex's past sent me to tears) and I could not put the book down. There is plenty of bantering moments both between the MC, family and friends, and also some rather steamy moments with the MC.

Bottom line, I gave this 5 stars not only for the well written story line, the lovable characters but also, cause again, I LOVED that it was 3/4 dialogue.

Phoebe M. - #CassiNova is funny. You will have to hold your belly because it will be cramping from laughing so hard. Lori G. Matthews has produced a rom-com for the season.

I do not even know who I love best in this book. Alex’s relationship with her sister is hilarious. Are there even words better than “hilarious” for Jade? Does Matthews even write an unfunny character? Holy sugar just remembering them makes my belly ache (laugh). I am straight-up giggling now and I can’t tell you why because, hello, spoilers.

I definitely want to sleep with Alex because, damn, the girl got skills. She is funny, suave, and can laugh at herself. I adore how she is with Sam who at times has no skills (laugh). Matthews gives both characters a chance to redeem themselves, sometimes with laughter, show us some steam.

Kat W. - Omg, this was an amazing, funny and sweet book. You will laugh and cry and laugh some more. The main characters are meant for each other from the first meet. They are both goofy, with ideas out of this world. They make their relationship hot, and happy and don't stop playing around. It looks so easy when you read this one and you root for their happy ending. Excellent book in my opinion.

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3 reviews for #CassiNova – eBook

  1. silverghostm100

    I think this book is an utterly delightful romantic comedy. When first reading it I was sitting beside an open window in the living room late one night, laughing loudly enough I worried about waking the neighbors. Lori makes me care about the characters and what happens to them, the writing makes it hard to put the book down, a bit sad to see it end and eager for the next one. Pop some popcorn, get comfy and enjoy this author’s imagination.

  2. calamityjode

    Heartwarming and laugh out loud funny.
    If you see this authors name on a book buy it – you won’t be disappointed. Here’s to many more please, Bella!

  3. steelmonkie204

    This book has made me cry with laughter!! Wonderfully written and endlessly endearing. I recommend this book to anyone who loves rom-com’s and wants a book that will make them smile and laugh out loud!

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