by Rachel Gold

The summer before her senior year, Emma Synclair decides to find her true love: either a girl or God. Since she has a crush on her best friend—and on her best friend’s girlfriend—Synclair figures she’ll have better luck with God.

Which God? How will she know? Wicca, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity? Her atheist parents are out of the country for three months, so Synclair has the space to try some religions in peace.

Or so she thinks, until her friends decide that her house is the party house—that is: the dinner party house! How can she tell them no? She sneaks away to start her spiritual quest, but runs into her childhood friend Avery. Who grew up to be hot. And is also into girls. Is her true love Avery or God? Can she have both or is that the path to neither? Synclair vows to find out.



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Genre Young Adult, Romance
Length 246 pages
Publication Date November 12, 2020
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642471748
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Kristin Smith



"Since I was a teen, my spirituality has been imbued with a strong sense of humor and interwoven with my sexuality—both as a lesbian and a sex-positive human being. I was raised Jewish and discovered Wicca and Yoga in my mid-teens—through a series of crushes, of course. I’ve studied Buddhist Tantra, Taoism and Kabbalah, all of which entwine spirituality and sexuality in amazing ways.

I wanted to write about a teen who had the same spiritual/religious passion that I have, but who wasn’t encouraged by her family to pursue it. She sets out on this epic spiritual journey and right away runs into this girl she badly wants to date. This brings forward that sense in Western culture that spirituality and sexuality are incompatible—and through Synclair we can discover how far from the truth that is."

—Rachel Gold


Phoebe - Rachel Gold creates a conversation when you read one of her books. Synclair is no different as it is an intriguing talk about religion. I love the different opinions and ideas that Gold’s characters engage in and express. It is actually a process that I am going through right now and Gold’s book comes right on time.

Synclair is about more than religious introspection as Gold adds romance to the mix. Now is this done in a typical way? Heck no! It is a Gold book. First we have Kinz, the girl Synclair currently secretly crushes on and who just happens to be her best friend. Then her best friend from the past comes back and she is hot. She is not only gorgeous, but likes girls.

Easy triangle right? (laugh) Then there is an accidental kiss with someone else and talk about complications! I loved it. Gold takes on some controversial topics and does it splendidly!

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Teenage is the time of exploring, of searching and of defining oneself. Gold writes about teens and their struggles with panache. The first book that we read by this author was In the Silences which is one of the most powerful, moving, and beautiful books we’ve ever read (and re-read). Synclair is a story about a teenager during a watershed summer.

This book is mostly about acceptance. Within the cast, Gold covers different types, shades, and depths of belief. The dialogues flow, there are some hilarious moments and snappy backchat. The interactions and relationships are believable and every single person is extremely likable.

Jasmine G. - This was a super interesting book, I really enjoyed reading through the exploration of Synclair's spirituality through her eyes. Something that could be quite serious and heavy was brought a sort of lightness through her viewpoint, and through all the drama that comes with being a teenager and the unique situations Synclair gets herself into. I loved the style of writing—I think somehow this was my first book by Rachel Gold and I will have to rectify that. I really loved all the characters, and Rachel Gold  made sure to explore all of their unique stories. This was a fun YA with cute romance and an interesting exploration of spirituality. If there is anyone who can make that combination work it is the brilliant Rachel Gold.

Bianca R. - Liked it! An honest and light story, but it had its load on me! I loved to see the development of Synclair. The writing is also very fluid, super fast to read. The whole drama of the story reminded me a lot of things I lived in adolescence and that was very good! I loved it.


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