Breaking Out

by Lise MacTague

Since the death of her father, KJ Stennes has one thing on her mind: winning the league championship. She certainly doesn’t have time for her defensive partner to get pregnant. Breaking in a new partner, even one who shows as much promise as Adrienne, isn’t part of her plan. However, a budding attraction to Adrienne reminds her that there’s more to life than hockey. Maybe it’s time for KJ to get a new plan, but is Adrienne even interested?

Adrienne Pierce hopes moving to a new town with her son, Lawrence, will bring some stability to their lives following her recent divorce. That Sussburg, PA, has a women’s recreational hockey team is definitely a bonus. Despite a rocky start with KJ, the team’s star player and her new partner on defense, Adrienne can’t deny the attraction building between them. But how can she get involved with someone when she hasn’t yet found the stability her family needs? And can that someone be KJ, whose only goal in life seems to be winning a rec hockey league championship?

Two women stand on the edge of moving past recent traumas, but will their passion for the game help or hinder them?

Genre Romance
Publication Date February 11, 2021
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642471823

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