On the Rocks

by Riley Scott

If there was ever a good time and place for love to bloom between two reckless and broken hearts, it surely wouldn’t be in a bar.  But for Lennon Willis and Alex Daniels, a passionate one-night stand just isn’t enough to quench their thirst for one another—however ill-timed.

A free-spirited artist determined to outrun the ghosts of her past in California, Alex flees to the sunny shores of Florida’s Gulf Coast seeking solace and healing. Instead, she finds hardheaded bar owner Lennon—and a connection she can’t seem to deny.

On a journey of self-discovery and healing, the two must determine their fate. Is chemistry enough to keep their inner demons at bay, or will their encounters only pour whiskey on the fires of self-destruction?





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Genre Romance
Length 238 pages
Publication Date March 18, 2021
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642471830e
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Judy Fellows & Heather Dickerman



"On the Rocks is a story close to my heart. Having met my wife at what we refer to as the worst possible time for both of us, I learned firsthand that love rarely chooses the right time to shake up our lives in the best way. With that experience and the desire to show that sometimes the road to happily ever after is a bit rocky, the theme for On the Rocks was born. Once I had the concept, I did a bit of daydreaming and my characters took on lives of their own—Alex as an artist and Lennon as a bar owner.

Given that much of the story takes place in a craft cocktail bar (for which I created custom cocktails included in the book) and that it portrays the messy side of love, the title should have come much easier than it did. But as I poured a whiskey “on the rocks” one night, it just clicked. From start to finish, On the Rocks is probably my favorite book I’ve ever written, and I’m thrilled to be able to share it with you all."

—Riley Scott

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