Lead Me Home

by Shannon O'Brien

Rose Pruitt is a familiar face at Jones University thanks to her years of dedicated service at the Campus Center café as both manager and confidant to all that need her. Only a few days into the school year, she finds herself cleaning up all kinds of messes—including one that involves a newcomer to campus, Professor Allison Chandler. Although their first encounter is all business, the two women soon discover a rapport that develops with each sighting as they go about their busy lives.

Despite Rose’s confidence and approachability at work, past memories from her years on campus result in endless self-doubt about her future. Meanwhile, Allison has hurdles of her own to face, mainly in the form of an unwelcoming coworker that desperately wants her job. As the semester draws to a close, one unwise decision may spell disaster for the women and their futures.

Genre Romance
Publication Date February 15, 2021
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642471991

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