Lead Me Home

by Shannon O'Brien

A confidant to all who need her, Rose Pruitt is a familiar face at Jones University thanks to her years of dedicated service at the Campus Center. Only a few days into the new school year, Rose finds herself cleaning up all kinds of messes, including one that involves a newcomer to campus—Professor Allison Chandler. Although their first encounter is all business, the two women soon discover an easy rapport and attraction that neither can deny.

Hurdles abound as the two women face challenges both separately and together. Can they get beyond the obstacles and potential disaster they face? Only time will tell in this timeless romance by author Shannon O’Brien.






Genre Romance
Length 250 pages
Publication Date February 18, 2021
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642471991e
Editor Ann Roberts
Cover Designer Pol Robinson



"Lead Me Home is a continuation of the world I crafted for my first book, Sing Me Home. I have always envisioned a shared universe for the characters I create, so you can pop in on old friends and see how they are doing. Lead Me Home follows one of the characters that readers have already met—Rose Pruitt, the campus café manager. In this book, she gets her time to shine and explore her feelings for a new professor at Jones University. As someone who attended a women's college, I've always loved the idea of using that setting for romance novels. There are endless possibilities!"

—Shannon O’Brien


Megan C - The relationship and character development is well-paced and I found myself engaged by the two mains and their budding romance. Although the books was told from both women's POV, there's more of Rose and her character arc as she lets go of the self-doubt that is making her question her decision to stay at Jones after graduation. There's a natural build from acquaintances to more throughout the story and; once they get the "more", there's more than enough chemistry built up between the two. Even when we get to the dramatic external obstacle, the characters withstand the test and are supportive and communicate. The situation could have been handled with a lot more angst, but the characters felt real and their actions and reactions reflected that.

Pin’s Reviews - Lead Me Home is a sweet and charming romance. Low in angst and slightly slow in pace, but overall quite satisfying. The setting, Jones University—a small town all-female college, is the same as in the author's debut, Sing Me Home. Rose, one of the main characters here, was a secondary character there, and the mains from it are mentioned here. Although I have not read Sing me Home, I can safely say that this reads perfectly fine as a standalone story. I really liked the protagonists, Rose and Allison. Though I generally like more romantic conflict between characters and a somewhat faster paced narrative, these two women make this romance nice and satisfying.

Kaara K. - This was a super cute book that followed Rose, the manager of Jones University Cafe and brand new professor Allison. What starts as professional at first, quickly winds up as a romance. I'm a sucker for books that take place in any sort of educational setting and this was a perfect Sunday afternoon read!

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