Love's No Joke

by Cheri Ritz

The only commitment Mara Antonini ever made was to her career on the Vegas stand-up scene. Putting romance on the back burner, she existed solely on booty calls and meaningless hook-ups, accepting the role as “the player” in her friend circle. Landing a gig as the emcee of a fundraiser for the local animal shelter seemed like the perfect way to get some positive career exposure. If she happened to make a new friend with benefits along the way, so be it. She didn’t count on the gorgeous redhead representing a rival casino throwing her off her game.

All Victoria McHenry needed was a date to her grandmother’s birthday gala to keep her judgmental, high-roller society mother off her back. But she wasn’t exactly ready to dip back into the dating pool after her last disaster of a relationship. So when she’s coerced into covering for her spoiled socialite sister representing their family’s casino at a local fundraiser, she takes it as an opportunity to find that date. Naturally she’s drawn to the sexy, charismatic comedian headlining the event, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to fall for her.

When the women are paired up on a planning committee for the event, Victoria proposes the Fake Date Deal: she gets her date for the soiree, and Mara gets the chance to finally shake her playgirl rap. It’s not long before hearts and emotions tangle, and the women wonder if the only people they are fooling are themselves. Mara and Victoria are on a hot streak of romance, but they will have to overcome friend interference, family freak-outs, and old habits that refuse to fold if they want to hit the happily ever after jackpot.

Genre Romance
Publication Date May 13, 2021
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642472004

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