Cure for Insomnia

by Laina Villeneuve

According to her family, Karla Hernandez spends far too many hours working in the lab. A dedicated research scientist, she has contributed to a drug that could vastly improve the quality of life in diabetic patients. Her quality of life, however, could use some help.

She thought she would sleep better when she finished grad school or her post-doc, but launching a cutting-edge clinical trial isn’t helping. So when her eleven-year-old niece approaches her about participating in a school science project about insomnia, Karla agrees. Finding a girlfriend was not the conclusion she had anticipated, but Karla is not one to deviate from protocol—especially not when the judge at the science fair has some ideas about helping to cure her insomnia.

All research requires troubleshooting, but Karla isn’t prepared for the complications that threaten to shut down more than her love life. Does she need to find a new project or dig in deeper to her professional work? Or will putting faith in her niece’s research project be the key to her ever elusive sleep?





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Genre Romance
Length 252 pages
Publication Date April 15, 2021
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642472011e
Editor Cath Walker
Cover Designer Kayla Mancuso



"Science is sexy...Right? Sexier than cowgirls? I got an Associate's Degree in Equine Sciences, so most of my books have pulled heavily from that education and that life that I miss. Once I transferred from a community college to a university, my goals shifted and took me further and further from my days of horseback riding. I knew I did not have what it took to be a career cowgirl. My sister picked my next major: Journalism. I did fine in that program, but by the time I graduated, I knew that I didn't have it in me to be a beat reporter. I was spinning, still searching for a calling.

I was developing pictures at a one-hour photo shop when the photojournalism teacher got sick. Someone from the university contacted me and asked if I could teach the lab until they found a replacement. Those two weeks changed my life. Sharing what I knew about developing film and pictures (I'm really dating myself here!) made a lightbulb go off—picture a red light-bulb, though, one that doesn't damage film or photographic paper—I knew I had to teach.

My wife had a similarly circuitous route to her career as an educator. She got her bachelor's degree in French and then took time off to work as a chef before going to grad school to study biology. I met her when she was pursuing her PhD, and you'll see her influence in this story. Really, though, it is a story about finding a career that supports a meaningful life. This book has been quite a journey for me to write. I hope you enjoy reading about how Karla finds her way as much as I enjoyed writing it."

—Laina Villeneuve


Michael W. - A different kind of love story. Karla is a research scientist who meets Remi at a science show. Karla is a workaholic and can not sleep at night. The characters are very good and the plot sustained my interest. Remi has an autistic brother which complicates this for her and Karla. The story is very good and delves into autism, work and happiness. I recommend this book for romance lovers.

T. Geist - I really enjoyed this book! Pretty close to 5 stars for me, and I'd definitely read another book from this author again.

First thing, kudos for having the main character be a scientist! I love the fact that Karla was a little bit nerdy, but still was hot and sexy. Remi immediately brought that side out of her when they meet, because the initial chemistry was on fire.

This book is told from Karla's POV, which I was a fan of. Some people may not like that style, but when I like a character (and I did with Karla) then I really enjoy it. It helped that Karla's niece was adorable, as well as her whole family and her best friend. I loved all her interactions even outside of Remi.

I also really liked how the author handled Remi and her brother, who had autism. I thought the fact that he connects with Legos, and how that translated into how Karla tries to connect with him, was done very intelligently. I feel like she really did her research and it lent credence to the characters. I also could see why Remi was so stressed out about how her brother would react to Karla being in her life. It felt like a valid concern once we met him.

I did want the end to not feel as short as it did, but that happens often with me. Overall, a really enjoyable book.

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