Hashtag Love

by RL Burgess

Ginerva Blake has her life all figured out. She works hard in her role as the managing editor of nonfiction at Red Stone Publishing. At night she comes home to relax with her cat and occasional catch ups with her best friend. She prides herself on delivering high quality nonfiction to the Australian public.

But nothing has prepared her for working with social media influencer and exercise entrepreneur Hally Arlow, who is looking to release her autobiography. When her boss insists that she take on the book, Gin finds herself navigating a world of hashtags, selfies and Snapchats, not to mention the alluringly beautiful Hally Arlow.

Gin simply doesn’t think very much of the other woman’s world. But can she come down to earth long enough to appreciate that the world is full of surprises? And that some of them just might be pretty darn great.



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Genre Romance
Length 250 pages
Publication Date December 16, 2021
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642472028
Editor Cath Walker
Cover Designer Kayla Mancuso



"Hastag Love popped into my head at a time when I felt like hashtags were going mad. People were even using them in their speech. Everything was getting hashtagged. Having breakfast with a friend? #bestiebreakie. Going on a holiday with the dog? #houndholiday. Having a bath? #waterlife. It was driving me a bit bonkers. So when the characters of Gin and Hally suddenly dropped into my head, it gave me an outlet to both love and hate the hashtag, and turn it all into a gold old love story."

—RL Burgess


Rubie C. - Hashtag Love is a wonderful, interesting story. The author has created a tremendous sense of place and a wealth of credible sympathetic characters. I was engrossed in the plot and deeply moved by the events. Books don’t often bring me to tears, but this one did, although it ends on a hopeful note. Highly recommend this to all. The writing for this book was refreshing and there were plenty of times that I had that stupid smile on my face because of how lovey the characters were. Amazing story! This was overall an enjoyable quick fun story!

Natalie T. - This is my first read from R.L. Burgess and I really wasn't sure what to expect. The blurb didn't give a lot away, so I went into this with a clean slate. I really enjoyed this book….I liked that the novel focused on the intricacies of small publishing houses, as well as the detail provided on what makes a book. It was also great reading a book based in Australia, especially a city I love travelling to. I'm looking forward to reading more from R.L. Burgess, as I really enjoyed her style of writing.

Gemma J. - An interesting perspective on social media and the world around you, while providing an entertaining story and connection between the characters. A great read!

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