One Weekend in Aspen

by Jaime Clevenger

Fresh out of a ten-year relationship, Emily Brookstone wants to let loose. But she’s not exactly the let-loose type. When she gets invited to spend a no-strings-attached weekend in Aspen with eight other women, the words “good for you” come to mind. Maybe a fling with a charming stranger is just what she needs.

Alex Murphy travels the world for her job. She has no trouble getting dates wherever she lands and life is full of short-term escapades and fantasy weekends. Yet finding someone to share life with feels impossible. Until she meets Emily.

What happens on one snowy weekend in Aspen could change everything. But is a gamble on love worth all the risk?



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Genre Romance
Length 312 pages
Publication Date May 13, 2021
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642472271
Editor Heather Flournoy
Cover Designer Kayla Mancuso



"This past year has been an adventure in staying home, or at least staying close to home, for nearly all of us. Fortunately, I didn’t have to travel far to set the stage for One Weekend in Aspen. The view out my back door is of snow-covered mountains, blue skies, and pine trees. Sounds nice, right? It is, but it took me a while to appreciate it since I’m a Californian at heart and a devoted ocean lover. But living in Colorado has taught me a lot—including how nice it can be to spend a cozy night in by a warm fire with a cup of hot cocoa and how peaceful it is when the snow starts to fall. I wanted to write a romance that touched on all of that, but I wanted to spice the scene up a little. And what better way to add spice than to have a sex party?

One Weekend in Aspen is about more than a sex party, however. It’s about finding love in an unlikely place, learning to trust yourself, and appreciating what lands in your lap. If this book lands in your lap, I hope you like your cocoa hot, and if you’ve never been to Aspen, I hope you can visit one day. The Rocky Mountains aren’t a tropical vacation spot, but it really is lovely here."

—Jaime Clevenger


Les Rêveur
Who’d have thought a book about a sex party would be full of suspense? I couldn’t put One Weekend in Aspen down, I had to know what would happen next. With this book, Jaime Clevenger did something that I didn’t think was possible, not to that level: she wrote an incredibly hot story that will, at the same time, give you all the feels.

What makes this book remarkable isn’t beautiful literary writing–it’s very well-written but I don’t think any sentence will make the reader pause in wonder. It’s an accumulation of little things. The very sex-positive stance is glorious. Sex is wonderful, and there’s no shame in enjoying it, in whichever–consensual–way it comes, contrary to what we, especially girls and women, are often thoughtlessly taught. That’s something Emily has forgotten over the course of her marriage. The pace is excellent, there’s humour and banter (flirtatious and not), tension and passion. All characters are complex and multilayered, and the two mains are enchanting. Quite a few of the secondary characters deserve their own story. Just saying.

Jessen R. - The premise of this book just stands out from all the other romance books I've read. And the story totally meets the expectation I had if not beyond.
I love how the women in this book went on a journey to explore their sexuality in the best way possible. Besides that, this book is also filled with emotions and very romantic. The characters in this book are mature, sophisticated and independent thinkers. We definitely need more of these type of characters in the romance world.
Highly recommend!

Natalie T. - I really enjoyed reading this novel and to be honest, cannot fault it. Although the storyline is centered around a weekend of sexual escapades between a group of 8 women, this book also features a great love story between Emily and Alex. There was the perfect amount of drama, not only from these two mains but the large array of secondary characters as well that kept me engaged in this book from start to finish. I really liked both main characters and thought the author did a great job of humanizing them both so they felt realistic.

One Weekend in Aspen is my first read from Jaime Clevenger and I am now on a mission to read all of her other works. A great novel that I've already decided to buy in audio format, as I think it'll be a great book to listen to as well. Highly recommended.

Bonnie A. - Wow. I mean, this was not what I expected, and I must admit I totally enjoyed it. This is not your average romance. The premise of the story line is centered around nine confident, successful, hot lesbians who meet up in Aspen for a weekend of sex. The main characters Emily and Alex had phenomenal chemistry and knew exactly what they wanted. I enjoyed their journey and appreciated that Emily took her time getting herself together. I highly recommend 4.5. stars

Jill S. The storyline is very much strangers meet who have friends in common. What appears to be a random weekend is actually a regular occurrence, and when the two main characters Emily and Alex meet, their weekend away in Aspen soon has new meaning.

The setting is great in that it allows all the characters to peel off layers (not just clothing!) and the mutual understanding and acceptance of each other and exploration of their own needs and desires.

I love the different threads and the different characters who literally feed off each other and explore their sexual preferences in a safely constructed environment. What makes this work so well is that the novel is more about the characters discovering themselves and having the courage to go after what they really want. Yes, it’s a hot sizzling novel, but it is so much more than being just about sex. A very enjoyable 5* read.

Betty H. - This is a tale about two women who meet when they’re both invited to a weekend in Aspen for a “no-strings-attached” consensual sex party. While this is a brand new experience for Emily Brookstone, it is definitely not Alex Murphy’s first party. The attraction between these two is immediate, but is a meeting like this a place to start a possible relationship?

Honestly, this novel blew me away. It has everything you need for a great romance. The premise is unique and definitely interesting. The setting is absolutely gorgeous. The people are what really makes this novel special though. Both main and secondary characters are so well-developed they seem real. They all have their own quirks, insecurities, and distinct personalities. Emily and Alex are easy to fall in love with…especially Alex. I really connected with her. Of course, with the premise of attending a sex party, there are bound to be some steamy sex scenes, but what happens between Emily and Alex goes far beyond mere physical release. The chemistry between these two is off the charts, and this shows with every touch and every kiss. This is what makes the story one of the most beautiful romances I’ve read this year.

Melina B. - This book was the best thing I've read all year and will no doubt find itself in my to-reread-multiple-times category. I love Jaime Clevenger's books so I had high expectations going in, and she's managed to surpass them many times over with this book. The two main characters had so much chemistry it jumped off the pages from their first meeting, they were so well written I found myself crushing on Alex and wanting to shake some sense into Emily. The romantic storyline was super steamy yet sweet at the same time, and the amount of angst was just right. Balancing erotica and romance so well is a rare skill, and I hope the author gives us more in this genre.

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