The Right Closet

by Melissa Price

Creama LaCroppe is San Francisco’s sensational Puerto Rican drag queen diva extraordinaire. Her nemesis is the venomous anti-LGBT Congressman Dick Peak. When Creama is recruited to follow Peak to Puerto Rico to expose his dirty deals, she reluctantly agrees.

Then their plane ditches in the Caribbean and the lifeboats disappear before Creama can evacuate with the unconscious congressman in tow. Soon they find themselves in a hospital stricken with amnesia, and not realizing they’re supposed to hate each other, Creama and Peak become best friends.

Consumed with grief for persuading Creama to board the ill-fated flight, Tawny Beige—Creama’s best friend and sexy lesbian newscaster—is determined to investigate the disappearance. Joining forces with Kate, the alluring flight attendant, their search delivers results that no one could have anticipated.

With unsuspected humor and switchbacks at every turn, The Right Closet flips the script, proving once again that politics makes for strange bedfellows.





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Genre LGBTQ Fiction
Length 288 pages
Publication Date September 16, 2021
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642472349e
Editor Ann Roberts
Cover Designer Kayla Mancuso



"The Right Closet is a timely, poignant-while-comedic tale marinated in farce and baked in a sociopolitical oven. In our polarized times, I wondered what would happen if two political enemies had a clean slate and didn’t know that they were supposed to hate each other. I found my shero in Creama LaCroppe, drag queen diva extraordinaire. Her lesbian best friend, Tawny Beige, gave both Creama and me the gift of persistence."

For more on Melissa's thoughts about The Right Closet read her post on Bella Media.

—Melissa Price


GOWHN aka. “I’m Nobody, who are You?”
Don’t read this book, lest you should experience my fate. A mystery novel is meant to be a quiet, soothing, relaxing, diversion. When you read, you should not have to be afraid of the book you are holding; it should sit calmly in front of you and not respond to your pre-REM nap preparations. You should not expect a part of the author’s soul to pounce Saber-tooth-tiger-like out of its pages like the horcrux of Waldemort’s Bride at you and seize your funny bone, only to devour it. You should not be reduced to non-stop fits of the giggles until you sob in clots of laughter that you can’t seem to stop. Metaphors like a clock devouring time should confine themselves to Thurber Cartoons in the New Yorker. And you should never have to deal with a mental image of Amnesia Anonymous meetings! SAVE YOURSELF BEFORE IT’S TOO LAATtttttttttttttt eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

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