by Jen Lawrence

Every Guardian was born a warrior with powerful magic and a soulmate to complete her. All except for Luna, it seemed, who despite having mastered her craft, continued her fight in solitude. She was an enigma in their society—alone for far longer than any Guardian before her. Still, Luna remained hopeful that one day her soulmate would find her, and all the tender yearning would have been worth it.

Then Gia stumbles into her life. Gia—who lives a Human life, in Human glamour, with a Human fiancé.

Now Luna finds herself questioning everything that she—and the Guardians—have believed in for millennia.

“Love isn’t always enough.” Luna had always understood the words, but she had never actually believed them.



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Genre Fantasy, Romance
Length 242 pages
Publication Date August 12, 2021
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642472356
Editor Ann Roberts
Cover Designer Heather Honeywell



"I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of soulmates and how frightening it sounded for things to be that set in stone and inevitable. Though I understood it meant that you wouldn’t want a choice, I myself, have always appreciated being given options. I then realised I was definitely in the minority and began pondering the idea of a poor romantic soul, falling in love with her jaded soulmate.

I wanted the magic that bound them to be strong and old, and maybe I’m just too gay, but an ancient society of Elf-like women-warriors protecting the Veil between worlds, all paired up for life like pretty colour-coded swans, came to mind far too naturally.

I enjoy telling magical and supernatural stories with very real romantic relationships at the forefront. It was important to me that Gia and Luna argue and react with relatable emotions and actions. Luna places aside all she’s ever known and learned, to give Hurricane Gia what she needed. Consent and respect are themes I often emphasise in my stories, along with communication, and find it all very sexy."

—Jen Lawrence

  • A Bella Debut Novel.
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    Mikhila N. - Guardian by Jen Lawrence takes us on an entertaining and emotional adventure of beauty, heartbreak, freedom and pure wonder as she creates a world of her own. With exquisite writing, lovable characters and an amazing plot this book has quickly found itself on my list of favorite books of 2021.

    Meike V. - 4.25 stars. This was such a good surprise. I’m a fan of fantasy, so I was happy to see this book amongst the releases for this month. While this is set in a fantasy universe, the heart of this story is the romance. This is a debut book and I am impressed with the quality of the writing. I was immediately hooked and I will be reading more by this author.

    Andi K. - Fantastic fantasy novel. Great worldbuilding—parallel universe between a land of magic and that of humans, fated love, destiny and soul mates, and badass women with swords and their partner shields who protect them. I greatly enjoyed this—and have since bought a hard copy (the highest compliment I can give!), and I look forward to reading more from Lawrence set in this Darke world!

    Betty J. - This is a very well-written fantasy, but it is paired with an equally well-crafted romance. The fantasy elements are easily seen in the setting and plot of the story as well as the two main characters, Luna and Gia. The love story of Luna and Gia really pulled me into the tale. This romance is full of angst between the two characters…just my kind of romance. I fell a little in love with Luna immediately. It took me a bit longer with Gia, but you will have to read her story in the book to understand why. Both the fantasy and the romance kept me reading until the very end and wanting more once I got there. Luckily for all of us, this novel is the beginning of a series with the next book, Fury, hopefully coming soon. I’m very impressed with this debut novel, and I can’t wait to read more in this series.

    Lex Kent’s Reviews - I’m always a bit blown away when a debut book is this good. It’s not perfect, there were a few bumps, but I would have easily guessed that Lawrence was a seasoned author already. I don’t know where Bella keeps finding all these great newbie authors, but it sure is impressive. This book was a pretty epic romance, with plenty of angst that got me running for the tissues. This was a very strong debut and I can’t wait to read Lawrence’s next book.

    pipsqueakreviews - Lawrence delivered an epic and intense love story and I fell in love with it. I thoroughly enjoyed the soulmate storyline and fell in love with Luna by the end of it because she's a wonderful character. This book discusses the philosophical concept of love and having the free will to choose and I think Lawrence nailed it through Luna.

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    1. grungehobbit

      After reading the excerpt from Guardian, I expected it to be well-written, and it is. Guardian is about a magical bond, so passionate and loving it connects two women at their very core even though they live in different worlds. What keeps them apart is their convictions, and in Gia’s case, an unwillingness to abandon her human ace fiancé. This fantasy has the intensity I enjoy and gives me the emotional connection to the characters I need to stay interested in a novel. Brava, Jen Lawrence.

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