Beyond the Smoke

by Stacy Lynn Miller

Now a private investigator, Manhattan Sloane’s first big job with Finn Harper is a contract with San Francisco to clean up a hefty load of unsolved cases the new mayor considers a stain on the city. When she learns the mayor intends to use their work to justify dismantling the police department investigations bureau, she scrambles to protect the jobs of the good men and women with whom she worked.

Sloane soon unearths an unsolved triple murder involving the death of the police officer who rescued her from her parents’ accident. When a bullet in that case turns out to be an exact match to the one that killed her greatest foe and points to someone close to her, she becomes determined to solve it and give her hero long-overdue justice.

Sloane is slowed down by old flames and new secrets that threaten to unravel her new life with Finn and her daughter Reagan. Will cutthroat politics or a broken heart prevent her from solving a twenty-two-year-old murder? Will Sloane finally get the happily ever after she deserves?

A Manhattan Sloane Thriller.

Genre Mystery
Publication Date July 15, 2021
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642472370

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