On the Fence

by Cade Haddock Strong

After a Mercedes rear-ends Wallace Mahar, her annoyance evaporates the moment the offending driver steps out of the car. Much to her dismay, the stunning woman hands her $10,000. Then disappears. 

Ellen Church hoped throwing money at the woman she rear-ended would make her go away, but when she sees her at a bar, she realizes Wallace may be a bigger complication than she first thought. Ellen doesn’t have time for relationships, even if she is attracted to the cute swim coach. She has her eyes on a bigger prize—a Warhol painting with something very special hidden in the frame.

Reformed art thief Mattie Pearson is trying to live on the straight and narrow. After their failed heist at the Schuyler House, she married Alex Holland and the two women couldn’t be happier. But when Mattie’s old friend Ellen shows up with a big-payday proposal, the lure of her old life proves too strong to resist.

The Warhol job draws Wallace deep into the world of female art thieves, and even deeper into the dangers of romance with a woman who steals art—and hearts—for a living.



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Genre Romance, Suspense
Length 234 pages
Publication Date October 14, 2021
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642472387
Editor Ann Roberts
Cover Designer Heather Honeywell



"The title is a play on words. In this case, fence refers to the stolen goods middleman. The person who buys and resells stolen merchandise, serving as the link between the theft and the black market.

In the book, two retired female art thieves are approached by a man from their past, a man who once served as their fence. He comes to them with an intriguing proposition. If the women accept it, a lot will be riding on the fence. And if something goes wrong, blame will certainly reside on the fence.

I love puns and I think it’s fun when book titles are a play on words."

—Cade Haddock Strong

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