Internet Famous

by M.B. Guel

Billie Alvarez is your average punk rock loving high school senior who just wants to hang out with her best friend, Rex, and get her ex-girlfriend back. In a half-baked attempt to impress her by auditioning for the lead part in the school musical, Billie gets turned down because she’s a girl trying out for a traditionally male part. When her online rant about the school being homophobic goes viral, she must navigate her newfound fame along with the typical drama that comes with getting through high school.

Between rehearsals, trying to get her band back together and an endless onslaught of online admirers, Billie must decide what’s important to her. Is it the fleeting happiness of getting attention online? Figuring out what she wants to do after high school? Or getting her ex back?

Then there’s her co-star in the school play, who’s getting much more interesting now that they’re spending more time rehearsing together.





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Genre Young Adult
Length 184 pages
Publication Date December 16, 2021
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642472462e
Editor Ann Roberts
Cover Designer Ally Baldwin



"It is no secret that the pandemic (aka the pan-Demi-Lovato, panini, panorama, and all other amusing names that have been penned to soften the blow of this terrible time) impacted the way most of us saw the world. For me, one of the many things that changed was moving to work from home. This meant a lot more staring at my computer and immersing myself in social media in a way I hadn’t before. It was never more clear which influencers were fake representations of what they wished their life was like and which accidentally stumbled upon fame. In an attempt to find a brief distraction from the dumpster fire outside of my window, I found myself fascinated with people like Caroline Calloway who were so fake, it’s unclear whether or not they even know how fake they are.

The fickle and performative nature of internet fame was like looking into a very small Gucci sponsored fishbowl and I was curious, what was it like to be thrown face first into that crystal bowl of lemon infused water? What might it be like for a reluctant teen to find themselves surrounded by such a thing?

Thus, the character of Billie Alvarez (a clueless, idiotic teenager who is thrust into the limelight), and my idea for Internet Famous, was born."

—M.B. Guel

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