The Convincing Hour

by Ann Roberts

Juvenile delinquents are vanishing from Lakeview, Michigan.

Brilliant fifteen-year-old Story Black has heard that the smartest kids go from jail to a special school—and then on to college. The mastermind behind it all is Lakeview’s newest citizen, Charlotte Barnaby, a former high school principal and winner of the largest lottery jackpot in history. Char brings her powerful billions back to her dying hometown, determined to save it and the worthiest children—regardless of what it costs.

Story plans to be next. Getting arrested is easy but getting out of Lakeview may be impossible. Standing between her and her new life is her mother Patty, a meth user with a genius I.Q. and a mysterious past of her own. Char launches an elaborate scheme to convince Patty to let Story go, but Patty is an immovable force, unwilling to put Story’s happiness before her own.

If Story wants the future she sees, she must confront her mother and be willing to lose everything—even their relationship.
“An emerging fifteen-year-old lesbian caught between two formidable women in all-out war over her heart and soul and future—what a stunner of a story this is, and on so many levels. It’s the read of the year. Any year.” – Katherine V. Forrest





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Genre Young Adult
Length 234 pages
Publication Date September 16, 2021
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642472523e
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Heather Honeywell



"Several years ago during my tenure as an educational consultant, I was sitting in a classroom watching an excellent teacher engage every student in his room. They volunteered answers, respectfully commented on each other’s opinions and seemed genuinely thrilled about learning. No one acted out and no one refused to do what the teacher asked. It was the dream lesson teachers strive to achieve every day they teach. It was the ideal classroom.

Then I remembered where I was sitting: juvenile detention."

For more on Ann's thoughts about The Convincing Hour read her post on Bella Media.

—Ann Roberts

The Convincing Hour by Ann Roberts from Sunny Bee Productions on Vimeo.


LezReview Books
I’m a big fan of YA and this book in particular is very well written. This is the kind of YA that a teenager would like but this is absolutely a story for adults too. You hear authors always saying, ‘write what you know’, and that is exactly what Robert’s did here which makes sense as to why this was such a well-done book. The prologue is a bit of a wow that hits you in the gut and after that, you can’t put this book down.

This is not a light topic, but it’s so well done and Story’s character has so much heart, that as a reader you have to take this journey to see if she can somehow succeed. This is an easy one for me to recommend to YA fans. This book is very well written and I believe it is Robert’s best written standalone book and it might even be her best-written book period. 4.50 Stars.

Della B. - This YA novel can be enjoyed by any age group with lessons to be learned all the way around. Story Black is a character you easily like and you root for her dreams to come true. Robert’s writing brings you quickly into the story. The first four sentences of the prologue did it for me. It is a perfect balance of description, attitude, action and leaving you wanting to know why. Robert’s master class in writing has just begun. The prologue is a mini masterpiece unto itself. The writing is purposeful and thoughtful to dramatic effect. The rest of the novel is pure Robert’s at her best. This is a novel to be read and talked about. It should be on everyone’s must read list for 2021.

Jane S. - It's a great story and I'm routing for a sequel. I would definitely recommend this book. Lessons are to be learned by everyone including the reader.

Meike V. - This book paints a picture of the bleak parts of society in a gripping coming of age story. It’s sad, frustrating and angsty, but even under the miserable circumstances there are also moments of happiness and hope. Extremely well written and I definitely recommend reading this book! And on that note, can we have a sequel?

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for Convincing Hour, The – eBook

  1. vicki c.

    The Convincing Hour is very well written and thought provoking. I bought 3 copies and will be sharing it with other special people in my life. Story Black is an intelligent adolescent with a lot of gumption, who lives in a seemingly hopeless situation. Her journey takes her and the reader to the point of deciding what you would risk to reach your dreams. This book is staying with me long after the first read. I hope to see more YA books from Ann Roberts, a very talented weaver of stories.

  2. trishla (verified owner)

    This is my first review, after buying hundreds of books. I couldn’t stop reading this book. I’m not even a big fan of YA. But this book gets it right – the longing, the loneliness, the desire. Bravo Ann Roberts, there are kids who will feel they won the lottery because they were heard. There will be adults who remember, thank you.

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