A Period of unCertainty

by Sheryn Munir

Leela knows all about second chances. She picked herself up from personal tragedy, and stepped up as the single mother of a teenage son, respected principal of an alternative school, and keeper of peace with her demanding parents. But when a chance meeting with an old flame rekindles forgotten passions, her well-ordered existence threatens to fall apart.

Twenty years ago, Leela and Nandini had been each other’s first loves, though life eventually took them in different directions. So when Nandini tumbles back into Leela’s orbit, she is surprised at her instant attraction. They fall back into easy camaraderie and clandestine trysts. Leela knows that as long as they can keep it that way, it’s fine. She can’t afford to fall for Nandini.

Of course, Leela falls in love, bringing her world tumbling down around her ears. Her son is embroiled in a crisis of his own, her mother is horrified that her daughter might be a lesbian, and an anonymous source threatens to out her at her place of work. In “respectable” middle-class India, the resulting social and professional ostracism would be instant.

The only way to keep the shadow of scandal from consuming her is for Leela to walk away from Nandini. But doing that will destroy her.



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Genre Romance
Length 294 pages
Publication Date October 14, 2021
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642472646
Editor Heather Flournoy
Cover Designer Shweta Vachani


Kaye C. - I'm so glad I read this f/f second chance romance set in India. What makes this book stand out is the own voice of the author. I love the food, clothing and other cultural aspects that really take this story to the next level.

Della B. - This is Sheryn Munir’s second novel and I am impressed with her personal growth as a writer. Her writing has become tighter with less superfluous descriptive narration. Munir conveys the essence of her characters’ lives in India without bogging down in the minutiae. Munir’s strength lies in the building of the romance between Leela and Nandini. She takes the time necessary for the readers to feel the love and closeness growing between the two women. The story as well incorporates a number of twists and turns which is sure to keep your nose between the pages. A Period of Uncertainty is an engaging love story you will not want to miss.

Cheryl S. - I enjoyed this book very much. The romance is a slooooow burn and secondary to the story. I felt that India and their traditions, food, schools, clothes etc...was the main story. That was a real treat. I know very little about modern day India. In this story you learn a lot about their laws regarding homosexuality and how older traditional Indians regard it. Thank you Sheryn Munir for this entertaining and informative story.

Bonnie A. - This was a second chance romance novel and I enjoyed it. I thought the characters were great and quite relatable. Leela and Nandini had amazing chemistry. The story was well executed and I highly recommend, 4.5 stars.

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