Astrid Inside/Out

by Louise McBain

After breaking her nose apprehending a shoplifter, nature blogger Astrid Dibello finds her world turned upside down when plastic surgery fixes the break but makes her look nearly identical to her older sister, Claire. Claire has always been the pretty one, while Astrid is the “smart” sister with the infamous Dibello nose. But who is the woman in the mirror now? Not even Astrid’s family seem sure.

When Astrid’s girlfriend accuses her of joining the “plastic culture” and dumps her, Astrid escapes to the solitude of the woods where she runs into former high school enigma, Simone. In the quiet beauty of nature, Astrid and Simone connect and their easy friendship turns to a tender romance. But when high school love letters Simone wrote to Claire resurface, Astrid wonders if Simone loves Astrid for who she is, or just because she now looks like her older sister? If Astrid wants the truth, she’ll need to closely examine who she is—both inside and out.

Astrid Inside/Out tells the story of a woman’s journey to find her true self on the way to her happily ever after.



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Genre Romance
Length 218 pages
Publication Date October 14, 2021
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642472653
Editor Cath Walker
Cover Designer Heather Honeywell



"A friend had a nose job that changed her face. She went from average looking lady to beautiful covergirl, and I couldn’t stop wondering: how does that kind of shape-shifting feel? How could you ever trust that people were reacting to what was inside your head, not written on your face?

In Astrid Inside/Out I write what happens when there's a tremendous physical transformation amidst a romance between old friends."

—Louise McBain


Karen C. - Louise McBain has a writing style that I absolutely love. It just works for me. First of all, her storylines are just so interesting and different. Her main characters are not always perfect, gorgeous, and young, which I appreciate. And her books are always so subtly funny. What the characters think and say are always low-grade humorous without the faux sitcom-like dialogue that drives me bananas.

The outdoors almost functions as a character in this story and I could visualize Snake Island. This is set in the WDC universe of Claiming Camille and Maybe Charlotte, both of which have become all-time favorites for me.

The Lesbian Review
From page one, I felt at home in this story. McBain does a nice job creating its world and populating it with relatable characters. Astrid couldn’t feel more familiar, and the confusion she experiences over the sudden change in her appearance is the perfect jumping off point to address personal insecurities and society’s obsession with outward appearances. Astrid and Simone fit so well together. Their romance develops in an easy fashion. It’s joyful and relatively angst free. Everything about this romance fits and highlighting caring for the environment is a bonus.

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