Calculated Risk

by Katherine Rupley

Ex-US national rock climber Leslie McAllister finally has her life right where she wants it. When she’s asked to accept a new position in Boston, she must decide whether to stay in her comfort zone or take a leap and trust she’s anchored herself well enough to not fall.

Stuntwoman CJ Broadmore has big dreams and a big problem. She needs to learn to climb, and fast, if she wants to do stunt work on a new movie. Enter Leslie McAllister, who not only sparks an attraction, but who may be CJ’s ticket to success.

CJ and Leslie must calculate each step, weigh the risks, and work through their fears as they reach for the top—and toward each other.



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Genre Romance
Length 222 pages
Publication Date September 16, 2021
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642472660
Editor Ann Roberts
Cover Designer Heather Honeywell



"Leslie’s story has been in my head for years and now it’s written in this book. It brings together some of my loves, strong women doing cool things, rock climbing, movies, Joshua Tree National Park, and supportive communities. Before time and wandering attention distracted me, I spent many happy hours in climbing gyms and outside climbing crags. I loved rock climbing because unlike my real life, there was a problem to solve with a beginning, middle, and end. I have so many fond memories of climbing. My first experience climbing was with a group of women camping in Indian Cove, a campground on the north side of the Joshua Tree National Park. I just thought it was going to be a fun weekend but I got my first taste of climbing. First lesson: hiking boots are not the best climbing shoes but are way better than bare feet."

For more on Katherine's thoughts about Calculated Risk read her post on Bella Media.

—Katherine Rupley

  • A Bella Debut Novel.

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1 review for Calculated Risk – Paperback

  1. dcbrk6401

    As the title of this review will tell you, it is hard to put this first-time author’s work into a pigeon hole in the standard genre coops, and that alone is reason enough to pick it up. I have never read a book in the lesbian romance genre, nor have I ever been rock climbing. In the context of this story, they work well together. The opening sequence of a start stuntwoman sets the story off with a literal bang and takes the reader through the end seamlessly integrating interesting details of the expertise necessary to be successful at rock climbing and, as equally important, the expertise required to capture the tension and trepidation of rock climbing. Along the way, our main characters evolve and a romance develops that could threaten both endeavors. As a reader, I found the novel to be a quick read and a satisfying story line. I wanted more on the technical aspects of the rock climbing and thought there could have been more in the way of character development, but admittedly, this is a genre with which I had little if any prior experience with and the way it is written may well be the norm. All-in-all, I would buy the book again

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