Red Tide at Heron Bay

by Gerri Hill

Lauren Voss has a nice, quiet, orderly life running her grandmother’s Heron Bay Resort on the Texas coast. Three years removed from a break-up that left her ex—and her life—behind in San Diego, she’s adjusted to the slow pace in Rockport, seeking out neither new friends nor lovers. Vandalism at the resort’s clubhouse—and a cryptic message written in blood—brings Detective Harley Shepherd, with her obnoxious Hawaiian shirts, into her life.

A tragedy sent Harley Shepherd running to the sleepy fishing village of Rockport, where violent crime is rare. So different from her life as a homicide detective in a large city, she embraced the quiet and easy-going attitude of the town, determined to put her past behind her.

Was it luck or fate that had her catch a case of simple vandalism? The lovely Lauren Voss made no attempt to hide her dislike of both her—she reminded Lauren of her ex—and her Hawaiian shirts.

Was the vandalism a prank, as Lauren suspects? When a body is found floating near the resort’s pier, Harley is convinced it’s related. As the formality and animosity between them changes and a friendship forms, the women find themselves growing closer as a killer terrorizes the peaceful town they both now call home.  



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Genre Romantic Mystery
Length 294 pages
Publication Date July 15, 2021
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642472820
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Kayla Mancuso


GCLS Goldie Awards
Red Tide at Heron Bay — Finalist, Romantic Blend.


"I spend a lot of time in Rockport, so it’s become a setting for a few books, going all the way back to Gulf Breeze. Pelican’s Landing was set there too. The Midnight Moon was on the island as was Love Waits, and Moonlight Avenue was just down the way in Corpus Christi. I’m sure there will be more to come.

Red Tide at Heron Bay was conceived while sitting on a long pier that jutted out into the bay. I was watching the pelicans dive for food, camera in hand but forgotten. Something about the bay, the water, the sun…my mind wanders. The “guts” of this book came together in a matter of minutes, it seemed. The characters didn’t have faces or names yet, but I could picture them in this setting. Books come together easily like that sometimes.

I hope you’ll enjoy this one—set at one of my very favorite places."

—Gerri Hill


The Lesbian Review
Gerri Hill writes wonderful mysteries, and this is no exception. I know I’m reading something special when I can’t put a book down. The mystery was full of tension, and as it ramped up the relationship between Lauren and Harley became closer. I was hooked. It was scary in parts and the exquisite prose pulled me right there, into the moment. But it was the characters that intrigued me the most. They had lives and backgrounds that rang true. They had been damaged by the past, but through their connection with each other, they began to heal.

Michele R. - This was a well-balanced book between the romance and the mystery. I recommend this book to other readers. Gerri Hill never disappoints.

Carol C. - One of the best things I love about Ms. Hill's writing is she takes the time to describe the environment and surroundings within the story, not so much as to stall the storyline but more to enhance the feeling of really being there with the characters…Ms. Hill does a wonderful job of blending mystery with a love story (reminds me of Devil's Rock and Hell's Highway) and she did it justice again in this book.

Kennedy O. - Love the Hawaiian shirts and the person wearing them. This romantic intrigue had my attention from the beginning. Detective Harley Shepherd, upbeat yet sad as she deals with the loss of someone close to her. Lauren Voss, resort manager, shying away from relationships as she continues to deal with a relationship that went off the rails. Both women "ran" to Heron Bay to heal. Little did they know that tragedy would be waiting for them right around the corner. I enjoyed the flirting and teasing. Some of the comments had me chuckling and laughing out loud.

Bonnie A. - Ms. Hill has certainly done it again. I was hooked from the beginning to the end. This is a murder, mystery, romance with loveable main characters who are fully developed and has great chemistry. You just can’t help but love Harley in her obnoxious Hawaiian shirts. The secondary characters are just lovely. Nana is by far my favorite SC. Ms. Hill just has a way with her writing style and I love how the sceneries are so clear. You can actually picture yourself in the setting watching the story unfold. This is now one of my favorite books. I definitely recommend getting a copy. It’s a must read. 5 stars

Claire E. - Another brilliant gripping crime thriller from Gerri Hill, couldn't put it down and read in one sitting! The characters are introduced with care so from the start you know who they are and like them and want to get to know them more. The setting is beautiful, I always really feel like I can see and smell the settings of her books and this is no exception, the geography is clearly laid out so I can imagine the connection. I have a sense of the beauty of the place too, this really adds to my enjoyment of the book and shows her skill as a writer, I would also add the backstory is also excellently explored and there are also fully fleshed out supporting characters which are so important, adding to the overall depth of the book. A gripping storyteller at her best.

Stephanie D. - This is exactly why Gerri Hill is a master in suspense and crime and romance books! Sooo good! This book was a brilliant slow burn in both ways, the romance and the crime. The suspense was also on point. This is the kind of book you do not want to put down. Both characters were incredible and complemented each other in unexpected ways. This book was entertaining, touching and unexpected. Definitely one of the author's best!

Deb M. - Hill has written over 30 novels since she began penning them in 2000, yet her stories are always fresh. Red Tide at Heron Bay is another fine example of this. The storytelling is meticulously plotted and the romance is interwoven with intrigue, drama and mystery. Clever little clues are nicely dropped, making it all quite compelling. All and all, this is an engaging, entertaining read, top to bottom. A big thumbs-up all the way.

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