Despite Chaos

by Stacy Lynn Miller

Alexandra Castle hides the brightest part of herself. She is the perfect daughter and heir-apparent to the Castle Resort empire. To her controlling father, her only fault is that she’s gay, so she keeps her sexuality out of the public eye for his benefit. With his retirement on the horizon, he pits Alex against her corner-cutting twin brother in a high-stakes competition to choose who will take over the company. Just when she takes the lead, an ex-lover reappears, threatening to destroy her life.

Tyler Falling hides the darkest part of herself. On the surface, she is a put-together middle-class wife and mother. In reality, she’s broken from a rape twelve years earlier. When she unexpectedly comes face to face with her rapist, a deep family secret surfaces.

Both escape to Napa. Their brief, anonymous encounter sparks a mutual infatuation, changing the trajectory of their hollow lives. Living a lie was no longer an option. Weeks later, Alex and Tyler are thrown together in the virtual world without realizing they are each other’s mystery woman.

Can an improbable romance bloom amid embezzlement, blackmail, and self-exploration?

Falling Castles Series.

Genre Mystery
Publication Date January 13, 2022
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642473346

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