Low Key Love

by Cheri Ritz

Frankie Malone has a history of being “out and proud”. She works at an animal shelter, volunteers at a local LGBT youth center, and helps out at her friends’ favorite hangout, Café Gato. But lately she’s felt like something’s been missing in her life. Then one day one of the shelter cats makes a run for it and leads her right to a beautiful woman who changes her world.

If Lily Lancaster can keep up the perfect image her manager has crafted for her, she just might be the next big thing in country music. This means wearing the right clothes, singing the right songs, and being seen with the right people. It’s worth it to see her dream of being a star come true, even if that means not being her “true” self. When she scores a gig in Las Vegas during Rodeo Week she meets free-spirited Frankie, and suddenly her whole idea of perfect is turned upside-down.

It’s a whirlwind Vegas romance, but will the excitement of new-found love be enough to keep their relationship shining bright while dating “out of the spotlight”?

Genre Romance
Publication Date April 14, 2022
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642473353

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