The Seductress Trap

by Jac Sherry

Angel Lux’s game is seducing straight women. What better plan could there be for sex with other women but with no chance of a relationship? Unfortunately for Angel, the fiancé of her latest conquest wants his girl back and has laid a trap for Angel using his lesbian best friend and business partner, Chris, as the bait.

Skilled carpenter Chris Karner wants nothing to do with this crazy plan, but when Angel shows up expressing a complete lack of concern for ruining the upcoming nuptials, Angel’s indifference causes Chris to dive right in. Before she knows it, Chris is knee deep in the scheme, complete with high heels, lipstick, a sexy red dress and a fake fiancé.

Can the force drawing Chris and Angel together heal Angel from the devastation that broke her heart years ago, and free Chris from the web of lies she has entangled them both in?

Genre Romance
Publication Date January 13, 2022
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642473360

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