The Seductress Trap

by Jac Sherry

After losing the love of her life, sex with no strings is the only thing that Angel Lux is interested in. Seducing straight women seems the best way to keep her plan from going sideways. But this time she’s gotten herself involved with another man’s fiancé. And he’s hell-bent on getting revenge.

Soon Mike has convinced his friend Chris to help set a trap to steal away his ex-fiancé and teach Angel a lesson. At first reluctant, Chris soon finds herself knee deep in the scheme, complete with high heels, lipstick, and a sexy red dress.

What starts as a ruse for one and a game for the other quickly turns to a connection neither Chris nor Angel expected. The chemistry between them might just finally be a force strong enough to heal Angel’s broken heart. If Chris’s lies don’t come between them first.





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Genre Romance
Length 202 pages
Publication Date January 13, 2022
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642473360e
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Heather Honeywell


GCLS Goldie Awards
The Seductress Trap — Finalist, Contemporary Romance: Short Novels and Debut Novel.


"The Seductress Trap is my first novel. I started out writing fanfiction for Xena Warrior Princess and some other shows in the 1990's. In 1997 I decided to try my hand at actual screenwriting and converted one of my Xena fanfics into a real screenplay. I submitted it to the Wisconsin Screenwriters Forum contest, and I won first prize! The contest put me in touch with a Hollywood agent who advised me to move to L.A., but with a two-year-old at home and another one on the way plus a solid career I enjoyed, taking a gamble on writing screenplays in Hollywood seemed crazy. So I put writing out of my mind and got on with life.

Skip ahead twenty plus years to December of 2019 when I got a Kindle Unlimited subscription and discovered the lesfic genre. After pouring through virtual stacks of lesbian romances that I never knew existed, I found I was having trouble finding the books that I wanted to read. Then it occurred to me that if I couldn’t find the lesbian romances that I wanted to read, I could just write them!"

—Jac Sherry


Ily R. - A great rom-com, The Seductress Trap was so much fun to read. I highly recommend this and as it’s the first book I have read by this author—I cannot wait to read more in the future! Great job!!

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