The Roads Left Behind Us

by Kat Jackson

After some unexpected life detours, Callie Lewes is determined to complete her PhD program and figure out what to do with the rest of her life. Her laser focus is finely tuned and she’s ready for total immersion in literature, subpar student essays, and all the joys that come with being a graduate teaching assistant. She has no time for, or interest in, anything else. Especially not dating.

Even if Callie were to entertain the idea of dating, she’s certain it would be with someone vibrant, open, and close to her own age. Definitely not someone like Dr. Kate Jory, a new member of Pennbrook College’s English department. Kate is both intimidating and a closed book. And the age difference between them is not small. But Kate is also brilliant and fascinating, and Callie is drawn to her in ways she’d never imagined possible.
Not that Kate notices. Or does she? Callie can’t tell. Even though they develop an engaging and flirtatious friendship, Callie struggles to work up the courage to put herself directly in Kate’s romantic path—wary of the type of fire she suspects their sparks could ignite.





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Genre Romance
Length 262 pages
Publication Date March 17, 2022
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642473452e
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Sheri Halal



"There are several things I love more than I will ever be able to explain: books, words & language, crushes on unattainable women, and nerdy-hot female professors who have incredible, fascinating brains. When you put all of those things together… Well, that’s when The Roads Left Behind Us comes alive.

Roads is the book that I wish wasn’t fiction, and because of that, every piece of it is purposeful–the characters, their names, their roles, their challenges, their missteps. And yes, especially their breakthrough moments of blissed out connection.

Does all of this mean that I once had a massive, unrequited crush on an unattainable, nerdy-hot female professor who has an absolutely fascinating brain? Yes. Yes, it absolutely does.br>
Also, I listened to way too much Brandi Carlile while brainstorming and writing this book, so for those curious about the title, there’s your hint."

—Kat Jackson


Orlando J. - One of the things I love most about Kat Jackson's writing is how she takes flawed, imperfect people and makes them beautiful.

Cheryl S. - 5 star, 5 star, 5 star.....did I like this story...yes! The writing is beautifully filled with so much emotion and intelligent dialog, I was sad when it ended. The environment is academia which makes the content of many conversations slightly elevated over other romance novels. Yet very understandable and warm. The characters are real, interesting, and distinct. I liked all of them. I highly recommend this story.

Alice G. - That was some marvelous writing; the vocabulary alone was spellbinding. The two MC's and every single supporting character are so well fleshed out that you feel as if you stepped into a room full of your friends and are catching up on all the gossip. The "will they, won't they" makes quite a pull at your heartstrings, but the end result makes the shipwreck all the more survivable. Their love story is charming, it's refreshing, it's as stormy as it is placid, and you will find yourself smiling hard at the MC's antics throughout. A play at the Student/Professor fantasy, but you'll find these two are on equal footing in the PhD program where a delicious age-gap and big, beautiful brains war to find shelter.

Reka F. - I wasn't expecting to love this book at all. …this was exceptionally well-written. The characters had depth and I like how Kate's character had much complexity that made her seem mysterious and distant.

Bonnie K. - I loved the story. It was well written and had well developed main characters that had amazing chemistry. Well done! I recommend 4.5 stars.

Carys W. - This book managed to age-gap (16 years) troupe, professor-TA and forbidden romance in such a respectful manner while maintaining a strong and welcoming light academia atmosphere. It gives a respectful and open view onto both LGTB relationships with an age gap and uses strong independent women to bring focus to women in academia. This is unlike any book I’ve read before and one I would highly recommend which is why it is a 4 star read for me.

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