Steadying the Ark

by Rebecca K. Jones

While Assistant District Attorney Mack Wilson’s days are devoted to arguing sex crime cases in the courtroom, her evenings are troubled by a series of disturbing incidents in her neighborhood.

As the media madness swirls around her trial, evidence that an unknown stalker is watching her just a little too closely begins to mount.  Mack finds herself seeking help from the one person she never thought she would—ex-girlfriend Anna Lapin.

When Mack is caught in a deadly situation, the only thing that might save the confident prosecutor is her brilliant analytical mind, her instinct for self-preservation and the uncanny instincts of the woman she once loved.

The Mackenzie Wilson Series Book One.





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Genre Thriller
Length 302 pages
Publication Date March 17, 2022
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642473469e
Editor Cath Walker
Cover Designer Kayla Mancuso


GCLS Goldie Awards
Steadying the Ark — Finalist, Mystery/Thriller/Crime.


"Although Mack Wilson and her cases are fictional, the five years I spent prosecuting sex crimes for Maricopa County (AZ) provided a wealth of experience I was able to draw on. The day-to-day reality of my job was always challenging and all too often heartbreaking.

The politics of prosecution can be fraught, but the prosecutor's genuine desire to do right by victims and the community is a powerful motivator, and the strong bonds formed between the people who work on these cases was and remains an inspiration."

—Rebecca K. Jones

  • A Bella Debut Novel.


Della B. - Steadying the Ark from Rebecca K. Jones is an impressive debut novel. Mack is a very engaging protagonist with her heart and head in the right place while working on her trial. She is written as singularly focused and driven while building the case which rings very true to me.

I must mention the book cover art is what drew me to this novel. It is stunning. As well the title, once it is explained deep into the story, is a thought-provoking religious conundrum of faith. And it is the perfect fit for the novel. I wholeheartedly recommend this new author be added to your to be read lists.

Emma S. - I believe this is Rebecca K. Jones debut novel and it is an impressive first book. Steadying the Ark focuses on Mack Wilson's life, at work and her personal life. Mack is an assistant district attorney for the crime cases. THIS IS A HARD READ. But it's not graphic. Two stories are being told in the book, Mack’s courtroom case which is centred around young girls being sexually abused. And Mack's home life, whereas from the blurb you'll read that some serious disturbing incidents take place in and out of her home. It's gripping and worth the read.

Bonnie A. - I'm impressed. I thought this court room drama was riveting and great. It touched on so many topics such as sexual abuse, rape and religion. I thought the book was beautifully written. Well Done!! I recommend 4.5 stars

Bonnie S. - Hard to believe this story came from someone who has never had a book published, it’s that good. If this is a sample of Ms. Jones skills as an author, I look forward to reading her next book because I’m sure there will be others. Very enjoyable read.

Betty H. - After reading Steadying the Ark by Rebecca K. Jones, I must tell you how impressed I am with this book and the author. This is the debut novel for Ms. Jones, and honestly, I’m having a really hard time finding anything to criticize. The story is practically flawless and very entertaining. I can’t wait to read more from this author. If you love a courtroom drama filled with excitement, suspense, and thrills, then this is the book for you.

Natalie T. - Steadying the Ark is a fantastic debut—I cannot wait to read more from Rebecca K. Jones in the future.

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for Steadying the Ark – eBook

  1. edward b. (verified owner)

    FULL DISCLOSURE: I only bought the Kindle version of this book through BellaBooks because the author is the daughter of my wife’s first cousin, Josh P. I have followed the mainly-mystery writing Josh has put out over the years and just thought to support the family, so to speak. All I can say is that “the apple didn’t fall far from the tree”. I can’t believe that this is the first book Rebecca Jones has published and look forward to following Mack Wilson’s future adventures should this be the first in a series, which I expect will definitely be the case. I admired the way Rebecca was able to weave the threads of widely disparate cases and personal threats Mack was facing into a page-turner that I finished in a single reading. I kick myself for not having seen the ending much earlier than I did. All the clues were there. I loved the details of the legal processes inherent in bringing a case like this to court, although other reviewers did not share that view. I would have given the same five-star rating to this book, without any family connection to the author. I think you’ll love it. I know I did. Cheers

  2. ginnyh (verified owner)

    An excellent, compelling story. The author clearly did her research and built a cohesive, intriguing story around it. A remarkable debut book. I can’t wait for more!

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