Take Your Shot

by Riley Scott

Sometimes, the girl who has it all—really doesn’t.

At first glance, high-school basketball superstar Logan Watts is living the American dream—perfect grades, perfect appearance, perfect boyfriend, and a college athletic scholarship already lined up. But if people looked deeper, they’d see Logan is plagued by the loss of her older brother and unending internal questions about what’s missing from her life. Logan’s world is turned upside down when she catches Carter Shaw—the witty and stylish head of the school newspaper, and the only out lesbian in school—staring at her in class.

A high-school romance is not on Carter’s radar. She just wants to survive the year so she can move on and enjoy the freedoms of college. But when a chance encounter puts her alone with Logan for hours, Carter discovers just how much they have in common.

And Logan realizes Carter could be that thing she’s felt was missing all along…



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Genre Young Adult
Length 208 pages
Publication Date May 12, 2022
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642473537
Editor Kay Grey
Cover Designer Heather Dickerman and Judith Fellows



"One night a few years ago, my wife posed an interesting question: “If we had met in high school, would we have dated?” While we would have undoubtedly run in two different circles, we started dreaming up a scenario in which our paths would have crossed, and the connection would have been inevitable.

It was a fun story between spouses at the time, but it resonated with me. Years later, I decided the story needed to see the page. While the initial construct of the story stemmed from our re-imagining of our younger selves, Logan and Carter soon took on lives, quirks, struggles and personalities of their own, creating two complex characters with a story that was uniquely theirs.

What started as fun banter turned into one of my favorite stories to date—a tale of young love, complete with some of my favorite things: basketball, journalism, personal growth, and of course my hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico."

—Riley Scott


Kaye C. - It is a time of discovery and young love. The maturity level is lovely with them being able to talk about their feelings and possible intimacy. This book just feels safe, loving, and low angst. There is some drama caused by the boyfriend but those close to them are very supportive. I’ve read a few books by the author, and this is my new favorite. I've already re-read some passages which I do with books I really enjoy.

Nutmeg - Based on some of my past YA reads where characters while undergoing growth tend to go to extremes; teenage angst, promiscuity, denial and the likes, this book was a refreshing read. Logan and Carter were portrayed as well-adjusted girls; while needing time to find themselves, they were focused and are positive representations of a healthy relationship.

I still have memories of some of the dates the pair went on cause those were really sweet ones. A recommended YA book where relationships and personal growth can be healthy yet fulfilling.

Breeana L. - Riley Scott has a new fan! Scott handled the coming out story with care and tenderness. Carter was the glue, she never gave up on Logan even when she had doubts, she always was very patient with her partner. Which is rare in stories that deal with coming out; the partner gets impatient and pushes the other person to do things on their time and that is just not how it works, and Scott showed that so beautifully, I teared up numerous times because of the beauty in the writing. There were subplots and sub-characters outside of Carter and Logan that helped move the story along instead of hindering the main plot which was really done well. One thing that I found amazing was how supportive the parents were throughout the book, which is also rare in the genre.

Della B.Take Your Shot is a well written and engaging YA novel which brought me back to my high school glory days. It is gratifying to read stories about resilient young women who are comfortable in their own skin. Carter is sure to become a much-needed role model. This story really worked for me. Scott creatively choosing to make the main characters be high school seniors brought a level of maturity you don’t often see in a YA novel. This difference combined with Scott’s accomplished writing style, positive pacing and stellar character development makes Take Your Shot a must read to any age group.

Stephanie D. - This is the kind of book I wished I could have read in my high school years. I am happy that this is now available. This was a sweet coming out story. It was a sweet, easy read. One I will be recommending and should be put in public libraries so anyone in need of a story like this can have access to it.

Abbott F. - Riley Scott has written a delightful coming-of-age novel that features two young women who are smart, compassionate, and willing to take risks. The dialogue between the two main characters is funny and sad, sometimes at the same time. The writing is excellent, and readers are given enough insights into both characters to feel like they know them.

If you only read one YA coming-out story or one coming-of-age story, make it this book. If you are looking for a positive, feel-good story with two intelligent, well-adjusted young women as main characters, put this book on the top of your to-be-read list.

Loree S. - Great read! Relevant storyline with character development! The story follows a group of friends, but primarily the two main characters from opposite ends of the personality spectrum. Loved how easy it was to follow and fall for the characters! I recommend you read this treasure!

Marie S. - Take Your Shot was such a fun book and I enjoyed every second of it! You get pushed right into the story and I love that. I absolutely loved all the characters in this book, and Carter and Logan's relationship was so nice to see develop.

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