The Lines of Happiness

by Venetia Di Pierro

If a different kind of love came knocking, would you answer the door?

Gloria Grant arrives in Wyoming prepared for the uncomplicated bliss of mountain air and ranch work. Instead, she finds a family ruined by tragedy and an unexpected and very complicated chance at love.

Gloria Grant has fled Melbourne following a broken relationship. She has one trick up her sleeve, a job offer to work with traumatised dressage horses in Wyoming. But when Gloria arrives at the ranch, she finds a hostile reception. It seems there had been an accident involving a child and the horses’ owner, Lo Ballantyne, has no plans for anyone to go near her horses.

Hope fading fast, Gloria must gain Lo’s trust before she can attempt to gain the horses’ or face a return to life in Australia. Lo’s husband Peter just wants a return to normality for his family and is willing to pay Gloria whatever the cost to see his wife back to the way she was before the accident. Gloria’s free spirit and the natural beauty around them begin to break through Lo’s grief and a friendship develops, or is it something deeper?

Gloria tries to bury her feelings for Lo but there is a spark burning within her that is threatening to burst into flames. She knows she sees her own desire reflected in Lo’s eyes, but it seems the sensible thing to do is to let go. But Gloria rarely does the sensible thing…

Genre Romance
Publication Date April 14, 2022
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642473551

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