Weight of Her World

by Amanda Owens

Bullies come in all shapes, sizes, and ages.

Brynlee McAdams is used to relentless verbal criticism from her mother and tries to ignore that vitriol to focus on caring for her younger brothers, both of whom have her whole heart. When her brother Brayden becomes the target of school bullies, Brynlee steps in when her mother refuses to, even though she knows it could set them on a collision course with potentially devastating consequences.

When Sarah Cain—Brayden’s kind and engaging third-grade teacher—gets involved, Brynlee discovers she doesn’t really have to handle everything on her own. Brynlee’s blossoming relationship with Sarah also makes her realize that by trying to be the daughter her mother wanted and the sister her brothers needed, she might have forgotten about her own wants and needs.

But Brynlee’s path to happiness is littered with obstacles, and she learns that finding your way sometimes means going completely off track and trusting someone you love to guide you back.



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Genre General Fiction, Romance
Length 194 pages
Publication Date June 16, 2022
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642473568
Editor Heather Flournoy
Cover Designer Sheri Halal



"When I started writing Weight of Her World, I didn’t have a particular path planned out. The first chapter transpired from a telephone conversation between my mother and I. While we do not have a strained relationship like the characters I created, we do have disagreements being the strong and stubborn women that we are, so I used the frustration in that moment to create the mother/daughter dynamic in my book. From that point I wrote Brynlee, my main character, and gave her a complicated relationship with her mother. The two younger brothers were easy for me as I am an older sister of five younger siblings and tend to be protective of them all.

As I continued to write the story, I leaned toward bullying because I feel strongly about it and it is upsetting to hear of children going through such things. The more I wrote the more I felt compelled to show how adults can be bullied as well. That’s how I developed the story for Brynlee and her brother Brayden.

I enjoyed writing about the characters in my story, especially the relationship between Brynlee and her brothers. And for Brynlee to find love with Sarah, during everything she was going through, created a special connection for me. It was a journey I was eager to dive into each time I wrote."

—Amanda Owens


Jo R. - Only 3 books have ever made me cry, and this is one of them. So have a box of tissues ready. Weight of Her World is beautifully written and written with sensitivity. It's a family drama, it's full of emotion, angst, and tragedy but also you have a sense of love too. This is Amanda Owens's debut novel, and I'm looking forward to future releases. I've given Weight of Her World a 4/5.

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  1. Wendi R.

    I really enjoyed this book. It made me cry numerous times, but I really enjoyed the characters, and the outcome. I have read this 3 times since I purchased it a few days ago. It’s a must read. You won’t be disappointed!

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