Ten Days in May

by Tracey Richardson

Camryn Hughes is happy living alone and tending to her dying clients as their death doula. It’s a serene life compared with the chaotic and numbing decade she spent trying to claw her way to the top of the music world as a performer. Now her newest client has her questioning the empty spaces in her heart, because when she too one day faces the end, Cam will have no trouble naming her biggest regret. Is it possible to go back and take the other fork in the road? To have a shot at love again with the only woman she’s ever loved?

Brooke Ross has no regrets about her long-ago decision to put herself and her career as a restaurateur first. But thanks to the ongoing ravages on her business from the pandemic, plus a girlfriend she can’t bring herself to love, Brooke is languishing just as an unusual invitation pushes her to the brink of blowing up her life. But what will she find in its pieces? Will she find the kind of meaning she’s searching for in a post-pandemic world? And can she find it with the one woman she should never have let go? Ten Days in May is about second chances, about choosing life, and discovering what’s meaningful in turbulent times.



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Genre Romance
Publication Date September 15, 2022
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642473575e

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