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The Child Riddler

by Angela Greenman

Despite the angry scars she carries from her childhood training, Zoe Lorel has reached a good place in her life. She has her dream job as an elite operative in an international spy agency and she’s found her one true love. Her world is mostly perfect—until she is sent to abduct a nine-year-old girl.

The girl is the only one who knows the riddle that holds the code to unleash the most lethal weapon on earth—the first ever “invisibility” nanoweapon, a cloaking spider bot. But Zoe’s agency isn’t the only one after the child.  And when enemies reveal the invisibility weapon’s existence to underground arms dealers, every government and terrorist organization in the world want to find that little girl.

Zoe races to save not only the child she has grown to care about, but also herself. The agency prescribed pills—the ones that transform her into the icy killer she must become to survive—are beginning to threaten her engagement to the one person who brings her happiness. Can she protect the young girl and still protect the one thing she cares more about than anything else?





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Genre Thriller, Action/Adventure
Length 320 pages
Publication Date July 14, 2022
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642473650e
Editor Heather Flournoy
Cover Designer Judith Fellows



"My fantasy, ever since my teens, was to be a female James Bond—a strong woman, kicking ass and traveling the world. I finally got to live my fantasy through Zoe in The Child Riddler.

We met while I was on vacation in in Vienna, Austria. Zoe was a life-sized photograph staring at me from a store window. She gazed over her shoulder with a confident, badass expression that said “I see you, but you can’t touch me.” From that moment on she was real to me.

I wanted to live Zoe’s life. Maybe I also wanted to delve into her psyche, as there’s some of me in her—a scarred woman who is driven and thinks she must be all for everyone.

My hope is you’ll have a sensory and atmospheric globe-trotting adventure with Zoe. I also hope you can share Zoe’s emotional journey, her desire to heal herself so she can give to those she loves. That’s what strong women do."

—Angela Greenman


...a truly mesmerizing character...high-concept plot...keeps readers gripped and guessing until the very end.

Anne M. - The Child Riddler is a good, solid debut by Ms Greenman and I will read the follow up if one appears. The plotting is complex and has an ambiguous morality that I like. It’s hard to tell who are the ‘good guys’ when they use such ‘bad’ practices. It is different from much available lesfic and for that I applaud the author.

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